Exclusivity of Verizon – BlackBerry’s White Q10

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Exclusivity of Verizon – BlackBerry’s White Q10

Isn’t it wonderful how two companies merge each other as a joint venture to have a greater chance of success? If you do not know about this, then you should listen to this. The Verizon Company is joining venture to the BlackBerry’s latest Q10 white color.

Meet the BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Q10 is crafted with precision. From the vivacious OLED display of 3.1 inches, to the ergonomically curved keyboard and sturdy, frivolous materials – each detail has been carefully designed for best performance. The BlackBerry Keyboard classic has been re-designed for easier typing experience. Images come into view in eye-catching detail on the OLED 3.1 inch display, and apps and features work flawlessly together, permitting every move to stream into the next. The Smartphone BlackBerry Q10 will keep you moving. The BlackBerry Q10 brags an excellent physical keyboard, the most up-to-date version 10.1 BlackBerry OS, long battery life and smooth performance.

Exclusivity Of Verizon – BlackBerry’s White Q10 2

Meet Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc is branded as Verizon. Verizon is an American broadband and telecommunications company. Latest news has revealed regarding the exclusivity of Verizon to BlackBerry’s White Q10. This is the most recent version of BlackBerry. It is believed that the model is the best QWERTY Smartphone ever.

The Transformations

The biggest change of BlackBerry for Verizon is the white color. The black standard version of the Q10 features a weave glass back that has a first-class texture but is on the greasy side. The white version of the BlackBerry avoids the glass weave in support of the textured plastic. The back is effortless to grip but feels cheaper to hand.

Knowing the Specifications and Features

Beyond its rear panel and color, the Verizon’s Q10 is fundamentally similar as the above mentioned AT&T version. You get the same 10.1 operating system of BlackBerry, to complete with its huge multi-tasking functionality and the new option of HDR camera. From a hardware point of view, the Q10 contains the same dual-core processor of 1.5-GHz, RAM of 2GB and onboard storage of 16GB. Certainly, the biggest selling point of Q10 is its QWERTY keyboard. Experts found the layout to be comfortable and spacious during the short hands-on.

To include that outstanding keyboard, the BlackBerry created the 3.1-inches AMOLED display. While it may be a sport resolution of the 720 x 720 pixels, you may discover yourself having a trouble viewing the desktop versions of the websites. Want a new Smartphone? Try the most advanced and innovative BlackBerry Q10 white and have Verizon as your provider.

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