The New Xbox by Microsoft Finally Ready for Entertainment Hub

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The New Xbox by Microsoft Finally Ready for Entertainment Hub

On Tuesday, Microsoft presents a quick look at their new-generation Xbox as a video game console developed into a home entertainment center and become accustomed to the competition from the tablets and Smartphones. A stage has been installed at the headquarters, just in Washington State designed for an event of an Xbox Reveal in order to play just weeks before the main annual video game E3conference in Los Angeles.

What Console Debut Is All About?

The console debut is to be streamed worldwide for the Xbox 360 Internet-linked consoles. It will be the spotlight of the platform and hardware, while the Microsoft shows off the games at the E3. According to the interactive entertainment division of Microsoft, Aaron Greenberg which was posted online, the company is going to announce a one story packed with two events.

The New Xbox By Microsoft Finally Ready for Entertainment Hub 2

The Secrecy of the Story – Finally Revealed

The point is about revealing the next platform of Xbox, along with a vision of the future games, as well as the future entertainment. The Microsoft Company has Xbox 360 consoles approximately 77 million since they beat the market in 2005. The rival of the console, Sony has sold exactly the same number of the PlayStation 3 consoles. For the meantime, the Nintendo has sold nearly 100 million that became a hit due to the groundbreaking motion sensing control after their debut in the year 2006.

Demand for the recently-released Nintendo’s Wii U consoles have been reported to be disappointing, however. The Sony has just announced a PlayStation 4 system new generation in February but spoken ambiguously regarding the device, leaving much imagination. Sony has picked the Xbox Reveal event for the release of a YouTube video which teases the plans to boast the Los Angeles PS4 on June 10, just the night before the E3 gets officially underway.

The PS4 will do well on PlayStation 3 consoles that started their lifespan ever since 2006. The E3 press event on the Microsoft will take place on June 10 in the morning but will be challenging with an enthusiastically anticipated developers conference of Apple keynote presentation taking, which is happening in San Francisco at the same time. According to Mike Hickey, the video game industry analyst, Microsoft’s competition is Apple and Google. This notes that the latest Xbox needs to deliver a wide range of digital entertainment.

Last year, Microsoft introduced Smart Glass software at E3 in order to connect at the Xbox 360 consoles with tablets or Smartphones, which serve as 2nd screens for controlling or viewing the action on televisions.

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