Interesting Facts About Windows Azure in Australia

Sara Cunningham May 23, 2013 0
Interesting Facts About Windows Azure in Australia

There is a recent report with regards to the Microsoft’s plan of launching the two Azure data centers in Australia. But the question still remains, when they will possibly launch? Are there any cost differences? Satya Nadella, the global president of the Microsoft Company gives answers which based answers to lifehacker. As the original report noted, the Microsoft Company declared that it plans to introduce local Data centers of Azure in Victoria and New South Wales, with each site giving Geo-redundancy and adversity recovery for the other. Nadella would not be committed to a specific date. But, the company planned to have it before the end of 2014.

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The new places will unite with the existing centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Chicago, Dublin, San Antonio, Virginia and California. However, the statement leaves some questions that need to be answered:

Will the Costing Be the Same?

To date, the pricing of Azure has been in all regions. Nadella would not be drawn on whether that issue would remain as the case. According to her, whatever the happening around, all prices will be the same across regions worldwide, that is something predictable for the company, but the subject to change in the future part is something unpredictable.

Were Other Places in Australia Included?

Microsoft has not specified exact locations of the data centers, however, it has confirmed that they will be in Victoria and NSW. According to leads for Microsoft Australia, the Toby Bowers, Server & Tools group, the state has symbolized the mix of potential and existing customers. Nadella said that they already opened two, but it does not mean it ends there. They still have lots of considerations, plans and improvements to be done.

The Issue Regarding the Hosting of Additional Protection from US Laws to Customers (Patriot Act)

There is only one apparent and short answer, and that is a big NO.  According to Nadella, we cannot change the fact that Microsoft is a US company that is still doing regional progressions in order to comply with the local laws of the country.

Will Other Services of Microsoft Host in Other Centers?

Primarily, the servers that are being planned for Azure has no word yet with regards to any intentions including the services like the Office 365 in the similar location. That is not to say it is impossible that it may happen in the future, but it is not part of the present announced plan.

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