Leakage Revealed: Activ Pictures From Samsung Galaxy S4

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Leakage Revealed: Activ Pictures From Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung, the leading Smartphone maker in the world has revealed another issue regarding the leaked pictures that show active pictures. This is another break for Samsung as it revealed exceptional quality, focusing on its hardware and camera. The Korean Company revealed that they are brilliant in hardware devices since they are more on hardware manufacturing. But, they have been working to get the brilliance of software as software manufacturing too. They believed that once it is done, they will have an edge to their competitors.

Leakage Revealed Activ Pictures From Samsung Galaxy S4 2

The Reported Leaked Images

There have been reported images of Samsung revealing the version of Galaxy S4 flagship. The site of Mobile phone focused on the GSMArena claims to receive pictures and information regarding the phone from a tipster. The site being mentioned on the phone was recently displayed in Croatia. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ is seen to be a water and dust resistant version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Thus, the phone is bounded as to what appears to be a black and a red metal shell with 4 bolts on the back. But, the front of the whole body is a black glass, similar to Galaxy S4, though instead of 1 there are 3 hardware buttons.

What the Picture Shows

The pictures revealed that the System Info screen of the trendy benchmarking app, called AnTuTu Benchmark has revealed a quad-core processor of 1.9GHz, Graphics chip of Adreno 320, 1080×1920 pixels HD resolution screen and a 480 ppi pixel density. In addition, the report states that the phone sports a camera of about an 8-megapixel instead of the 13-megapixel shooter of the Galaxy S4, it will have a five inch screen and can be powered by a 600 chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon.

The Report

Just this month, one more report that indicated the release of the Galaxy S4 Activ, is anticipated to release starting July 15 during the week at the Metallic Orange color. While the color is not that accurate orange, still the release of the phone appears to be imminent. However, there is no official proof from the company, up till now. The survival of the phone was reported initially in April as Young Soo Kim, who was the Samsung Mobility Gulf division President, shared the significant information.

Activ pictures show a quality phone a Samsung has always created. Being the number one Smartphone, the company is ensuring to continue creating nothing but an exceptional one.

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