The Leakage of Samsung Galaxy S 3 Revealed – S4 Class Upgrades

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The Leakage of Samsung Galaxy S 3 Revealed – S4 Class Upgrades

In previous times, Samsung Electronics has been struggling to fight for the dominance of the market share, believing that Apple was the leading Smartphone maker among the business creators. Galaxy S 3 is believed to be a product of innovation and creativity. News has just been reported about the Samsung’s Galaxy S 3 regarding the revelation of the leakage towards its upgrades and updates.

The Pledge and Assurance

Samsung appears to be making great on its pledge and assurance to port the features of Galaxy S4 to the Galaxy S 3. A test in Android 4.2.2 update that has been discovered by SamMobile includes the effects of lockscreen and widgets that are enhanced in screen modes on updating settings, as well as the new features of S Voice control found in the new flagship of the Samsung. The Samsung Company has previously planned to include the updates that were not that reliant on the hardware, if you rule out the gestures similar to the smart TV remote app and Air View.

The Leakage of Samsung Galaxy S 3 Revealed - S4 Class Upgrades 2

The Leakage Reveals

This leaked Android, which is a 4.2.2 firmware for the surfaced online Galaxy S3. Features such as the new Settings UI, which is a new lock screen, and more are definitely coming to the Galaxy S3 in the future part. This is not a surprise that the Samsung Electronics is planning to carry some features of the software that has launched starting from the Galaxy S4 until the Galaxy S3. The Korean giant company has confirmed the obvious restriction and control being with the features and aspects that relied greatly on the hardware. Just like an Air View, that has not made big from the flagship last year. Let us be thankful to the test firmware that has been leaked online, since we currently have an idea of what the characteristics and features are likely to jump into the Galaxy S3. The codenamed and firmware I9300XXUFME3, has been made available already.

The Availability

The update of Android is presently undergoing an internal testing and will be available as a pre-release unofficial ROM, signifying that the company could remove or add features before any route of an official rollout — which is allegedly knocked for June. With this unofficial character of the ROM, experts do not recommend to install it at this moment not unless the company will release a final statement with regards to the final decision.

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