Sneak Peek of Call of Duty Latest Video Teaser Shows Exclusivity

Sara Cunningham May 24, 2013 0
Sneak Peek of Call of Duty Latest Video Teaser Shows Exclusivity

A looping video was posted on the Vine shows, which exclusive sneak peek of the next-generation shooter that shows an expansion of a wireframe character environments and models. The biggest franchise game of this generation is the planned to release a billion dollar runaway success and it is called the Call of Duty: Ghosts. This game teaser trailer includes, the six untainted seconds of the game design pure wireframe. The trailer comes just introvert of the full game play that reveal to set an air during the Xbox Tuesday event.

Sneak Peek of Call of Duty Latest Video Teaser Shows Exclusivity 2

What Is It All About?

The video, which is housed by the Vine service, will be five seconds long and it shows various locations and characters being modelled. It also presents no information about the possible plot of the Call of Duty: Ghosts or the new game play mechanics for the players to discover. It seems as if a glance of a quick quasi wire-frame at Ghosts, which is listed to launch on November 5 for present PC and consoles. The game also will also see a huge release on the Next-Gen systems, even though we do not have a definite date for that one. As for the Microsoft’s giant event, it all starts at 10 a.m exactly on EDT Tuesday, so ensure to check it everything if you are interested. As for the Ghosts, we care it has a brand new story, new engine, and new settings.


The Activision finally confirmed that this latest creation and development of the new Call of Duty game on February 7, 2013 was in expansion and would be released in Q4, 2013. The publisher anticipates the lesser performance than the previous entry Call of Duty which is the Black Ops II due to the evolution of consoles in the next-generation.

The teaser trailer which is a live-action for Ghosts, entitled “The Masked Warriors”, will be featuring great glimpses of people that will be wearing attire on the historical battle. Among them, one group of soldiers will put on the skull mask revealed in the box art. This was released on May 1, 2013. The ghosts will appear on May 21, 2013 on the Xbox Reveal event. The fact that more information will be presented on May 21 will mean that again, the Call of Duty will be powerfully associated with the Microsoft Company, which is situated to reveal as the next home console on the similar day. Many outlets have been suggested that the Call of Duty: Ghosts will be on launched exactly on November 5 on both Next-Gen and current devices.

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