Apple iWatch won’t Arrive Till Later Next Year

Jasmina Lozevska May 24, 2013 1

We were all set to hear some more good news involving Apple but as it seems, we are going to wait a little bit more about that. Few days ago, we heard that Apple is ready to produce the new iPad that will be set for shipping by July. And the bad news that will disappoint many iWatch supporters is that this wearable gadget won’t get its launch this year.

Some new report that comes from KGI Securities is saying that Apple will not have the proper resources this year that will boost the producing of the iWatch. As it seems, Apple is focusing towards something else and the developing of the iOS for this watch will not have its breakthrough. We thought that this “something else” is the producing the other devices and the iOS 7. And as the source says, integrating the iOS 7 into a wearable device like the iWatch will be something that will cause the problems. On that regard, this launch must be rescheduled for the next year.


Some rumors about the design were also predicted. Ming Chi Kuo, the researcher who gave this report, said that Apple will include a 2-inch screen and biometric security feature. This is the bright spot in this bad news. Apple will make this watch but unfortunately, the production will start at the second quarter of the following year. I know that this seems really disappointing but that’s how it is. And don’t take it for granted just yet because Apple still didn’t comment on this rumor.

The first speculation that Apple started making a wearable gadget started back in February when reportedly Apple has hired around 100 developers who are going to work on the brand new device. But this wasn’t the only proof. After that, this company has made requirements for patents that are pointing in the right direction towards this iWatch manufacturing.

iWatch is something that we expected to happen this year and if this is true there will be lot of disappointing faces out there. If Apple chooses to launch the product next year, they will face some other, bigger challenges because its competitors like Samsung and Google both have said that are in a process for producing the wearable wrist device. Let’s hope that Kuo is wrong this time but he is an Apple follower for a quite long time and he predicted a lot of stuff for the company future plans like the iPad and iPod details and the Retina MacBook Pro timing.

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