HP Envy Rove 20 Review Specs and Features

Sara Cunningham May 24, 2013 0
HP Envy Rove 20 Review Specs and Features

HP is forcing its way through the market with its new device that is called HP Envy Rove 20. This release comes after the big launching of the competition devices like the Sony Vaio Tap 20. You can notice now on the market that a big war is going on and the big battles are yet to come. We are taking you on a ride through the things that you need to know before you decide to spend money on this tabletop PC.


On first sight, this device looks like any other tablets you can see on the market. From what you can see, this new device is portable but you will feel that you need to place at your desk and leave it there because its 11.86 pounds heavy. If you want from your device to be a game board, computer and even a TV, don’t worry this Envy Rove can do it all. It has 20-inch size and it has its own stand which is easy adjustable. The thing that I like the most is that is very thick and it’s perfect for home using.


Well, this part of the review is something you should keep the eyes wide open. HP Envy includes IPS LED screen with a resolution of 1.600 x 900 pixels. It’s perfect for watching movies or playing lot different games. The colors are bright and the touch technology is responsible, as well. It’s bright and the text is looking quite sharp and clean. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything to you but when you work on it for a while you will notice that your eyes are not tiered from looking at it.



This tabletop features Haswell chip that has up to 1TB of storage for caching and an 8GB of SSD. There aren’t any more details of what will be there under the hood but some rumors are indicating that this device will feature the next-gen Intel chip processor that is set to launch in the upcoming weeks. It lacks more battery life because the battery that is included in this device can stay awake for four hours.


Other specs that you can see on this device are:

  • Three USB Ports 3.0
  • WiDi Tech
  • 802.11ac WI-FI tech
  • Great Audio speakers

This device is still in process and there is no doubt that the new Intel processor chip will bring it to another level. The chip will give the proper power for working like it should and analysts have said that the starting price will be under $1000. Windows 8 is expected to run the new HP product as well.

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