Next Generation Gaming Consoles “Quantum Evolution”

Alex Bezeau May 25, 2013 0
Next Generation Gaming Consoles “Quantum Evolution”


Few days after the release of the new gaming console from Microsoft called Xbox One, we are set to announce that these new platforms are making Quantum evolution as they approach the future. There are certain things that we were able to collect and present it to you, as we think that are important and if you are a gamer you would like to know them.

In this report, we will make some conclusions involving the latest devices which were released by the competition like the Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U and the latest Xbox One.

With this release, that happened two days ago, the war of the consoles officially started and the battles are in their starting days. First off, Nintendo has beaten every competitor due to the fact that it has been released first and it’s on the market for a whole year. But this platform still didn’t made quite good impressions when compared to the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

The thing that I have expected the most is the graphics. As it seems, I will continue to expect it because I wasn’t able to notice any difference like we’ve done that back in 2005. The giant leap from normal to high definition was amazing and we weren’t tired from the experience. And now when we were expecting magnificent to happen again, all the manufacturers have disappoint us because they didn’t pay very much attention to this feature. Maybe in their innovational period, they have exclude the most important fact for any gamer and that’s the graphics.


Instead of this, the focus was turned into more interactive software, which is not a bad thing of course, but it’s kind of irrelevant when we are talking about gaming. Making the Kinect camera that senses even your heartbeat (Xbox One) or incorporating sharing features of your game screen (PS4) is something that is defining this present gaming experience.

As the time passes and more and more devices are catching our attention, gaming consoles has become more of a third-party devices. When PS1 came up I was so happy that I could have played so many games on it that it was hard for me to go out or go to school. Nowadays, the consoles are focused towards making everything other just gaming. I’m getting a feeling that everything is moving up except the gaming experience, it’s the same. Neither of the console manufacturers did anything to bring it to a lot new level. And that is what bugs me the most.

TV integration was the biggest innovative thing that came from Microsoft in its newest Xbox One. Games were the first thing that came on your mind when you sit down on your couch and turn on your console. Now you need to chose if you want to get a live TV integration, Skype calls, conversation with your friends or, last but not least, if you want to play some game on it. These days if you want a box that is just for gaming, you should built it by yourself.

Sharing and reselling used games got blown with the wind. Microsoft has said that they will find a way how to make things clear and gain with selling used games, but I’m not having my hopes bust my roof because these platforms are made to receive non-physical games only and there isn’t a way to change that. This message is received loud and clear and we can sit there expecting something to change. Don’t trash your old games right away, keep them as a souvenir maybe when the time is right, you will need to sell them like old baseball cards.

The gamers must hold on each other and deal with this new stuff together. Gamers are the alpha and omega in this industry and if they are gone the whole industry will crush. I know that this world of gaming consoles is not even similar to what we expected and hoped to be but all the manufacturers’ wants to attract our attention towards them. It’s not about us anymore it’s about attracting more and more users who are not just into gaming, but into the other features that this box includes. Maybe the things will get better in future, until then enjoy in these new platforms.

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