Samsung Galaxy S4 Will be Available in More Colors

Sara Cunningham May 25, 2013 1
Samsung Galaxy S4 Will be Available in More Colors

We saw the Samsung Galaxy S4 launching a month ago and we are already noticing some changes. When it got revealed, Samsung’s CEO said that this smartphone will be available in two colors: black and white. And that’s how it initially went on the market. The users could choose from these colors right away and now, after a while, Samsung said that in near future this smartphone will be available in more colors.

There weren’t many details in which colors exactly the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available. Some sources close to the future plans of this company are saying that in the summer, we will see a blue and red version of this device. The next change will be done in the fall, when a brown and a purple model will be out on the market. I don’t know if this is a good thing because we are not used to colorful smartphones from any big smartphone manufacturer. However, it’s nice to see some changes to the design, even if it means changing the color of the Galaxy S4


This was reported when Samsung announced the numbers of sold Galaxy S4 devices by far. The company has said that they succeeded to sell 10 million devices to retailers and operators after this phone was launched. This makes the Galaxy S4 fastest selling device ever from this company. Maybe this number doesn’t catch us by surprise. I know I’m not surprised because when I first saw the device I knew it will crush the old selling records.  This information was given in a press release when Samsung also compared the results from the previous devices. The reps have said that Galaxy S3 needed almost 2 months to hit this number and the first and second version of the Galaxy line needed seven and five months to achieve this number.

Just for comparison, last year Apple reached the 5 million sold devices mark for less than a week but the difference was these devices were sold directly to users from the Apple Store. In this number aren’t calculated the devices shipped to the carriers and the operators. HTC also has shared details about their HTC One which reached the 5 million sold after the release. This maybe has something to do with the rescheduled launching of the device.

This is a huge start for Samsung – selling its latest smartphone so successfully. But we are expecting the number to grow when this quarter ends and when the official numbers show up.

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