Google Edition of HTC One Being Planned

Jasmina Lozevska May 25, 2013 0
Google Edition of HTC One Being Planned

This comes only one day after the announcement of how many HTC One devices were sold to retailers and carriers. It is said that this company plans to bring to its customers a Google edition of its HTC One smartphone. This rumor comes from a Geek source and so far, there aren’t further details that confirm it.

However, this phone is now working on a modified version of the software and it’s said that the new Google HTC One version will run on Android 4.2.2. If this device is launched, then Samsung will get its major Android based competitor on the market. Only by looking the number of sales, people in HTC will perhaps have to consider making some changes. The reviews and criticism about this HTC One are positive, by now, and if it runs on Android 4.2.2 it will get even better appreciation. I’m not saying that I’m not amazed by this handset but Android supporters will look at it with different eyes if this becomes reality.

As the sources say, when launched, it will be available only in the US and further releases to other countries will be available maybe a month after that. This Google version of the HTC One will be unveiled in the next few weeks and you will be able to buy it this summer.


Yesterday, we reported that HTC has announced its sales of this phone. By far, 5 million devices were sold to carriers and retailers. Maybe this number is not something that we expected but keeping on mind that the launching of it was rescheduled at first, we are surprised even with this number. Just for comparison, when iPhone 5 came out this number was reached only for a week but the devices have been sold directly to the users. Samsung has unveiled that 10 million Galaxy S4 devices were sold to retailers and carriers until yesterday and this smartphone has crushed the old record which was set by Galaxy S3.

This is a smart thing to do from HTC. I mean, why not? – Having two same device versions of a smartphone which are running on different OS platforms sounds good and this will also mean more revenue. But this is only a speculation and it remains for us to wait and see what will happen next and will HTC make this step towards gaining more customers, because at the end, customers are the thing that matters most.

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