iPhone 5 Repairs to be Expensive Very Soon

Heidi Speare May 25, 2013 0
iPhone 5 Repairs to be Expensive Very Soon


Breaking a phone could happen to anybody, but after you read this report you will want you to never drop your iPhone 5. Fixing your phone will be more expensive as time passes and this will make many of us more careful in the future. Some of us will leave the iPhones as they are even if they are little scrambled but you are not able to leave it like that for very long.

At this time, if you bring your phone over to any Apple Store with a broken display, they will charge you with $230 and if you had paid the warranty protection, replacing an iPhone screen will cost you only $49. It may look ridiculous to you, but this is because purchasing a brand new iPhone under contract will cost you $200 and without a contract it’s priced $650.

But this is not the problem. The main thing is that this repair is increasing its charge price over the years and it’s expected to remain on the same track in the upcoming years. Last September a survey was made by SquareTrade Company and it came up that Americans have paid over $5.9 billion for repairs.

Some other repair sites have voiced some discontent and said that the repair of the display is the easiest thing to repair on the iPhone 5. So there is one main question right now – what’s the deal with this big cost anyway?

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The answer is very simple. The parts of the iPhone 5 maybe are far more expensive than its predecessors. We gathered some information that many retailers that are authorized to give repairs on the iPhone 5, they refuse to make this process because the parts are expensive and that is underpaid at the moment. First of all, it’s hard for people to take that step because paying $230 for repairing a broken screen is something that you need to think about twice before making the decision.

Don’t make a big deal of it right away because Apple hasn’t commented on this by far. We all know that Apple has the control of everything that is surrounding them including all the gear that was included in the manufacturing. Let’s hope this rumor is not true or we will need to be addicted to purchasing additional cover parts for our devices. There are already several great bumpers out there that are protecting your phone from bigger damage.

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