Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Better Camera than iPhone 5

Sara Cunningham May 25, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Better Camera than iPhone 5

I don’t know if you are familiar with these kinds of tests, but when a new device is launched it’s just a matter of time when the labs will compare every inch of it with the competitor’s device. DxO Labs is the latest in line that compared the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera with the camera of the iPhone 5.

DxO Labs is a firm that comes from France and its specialty is camera optics and analysis. After the comparison and the proper tests that were made to these smartphones, the Galaxy S4 came out as a winner with a score of 75 and the iPhone 5 fell short behind with a score of 72. Even though these two smartphones are the main focus right now, just for comparison Nokia 808 PureView had the best camera among the smartphones. This Nokia model gave 77 score on the test but the major flop is that runs on Symbian and we don’t even need to try and compare it with the iOS and Android version included on the Galaxy S4.

As time passes, smartphone manufacturers are focusing their innovational minds towards the camera quality and camera features. Take a look at the Samsung S4. It seems that the only focus was making the camera best in the business. It’s said that Nokia is working on an Eos phone that will have sensors for bringing large images and plus Zeiss lens. Maybe we didn’t expect that the future smartphones will be more camera-based but we are on the verge of that happening. I’m not saying that there aren’t other great features that the phones are offering but we can see that the camera took a giant leap from the latest devices.


According to the report of DxO, Samsung came on top when compared with the iPhone but this doesn’t mean that the camera of the Samsung was better in any point. GS4 camera has showed great performance in light conditions and impressive details and the iPhone 5 camera has shown better artifacts processing and better video stabilization.

Here are the scores that Samsung Galaxy S4 gave on the test:


  • Flash – 82
  • Artifacts – 71
  • Noise – 74
  • Texture – 76
  • Autofocus – 80
  • Color – 80
  • Exposure and Contrast – 85


  • Stabilization – 35
  • Artifacts – 71
  • Noise – 66
  • Texture – 78
  • Autofocus – 52
  • Color 91
  • Exposure and Contrast – 88

These lab tests don’t need to mean anything but they can be great indicators of what your phone is capable of. Both cameras of the phones are the best in the business and together with the OS and the features, these phones are perfect choice for you.

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