Will Two-factor Authentication keep you Safer?

Sara Cunningham May 27, 2013 0
Will Two-factor Authentication keep you Safer?

Lately, all the companies are having aspiration towards the two-factor authentication. But is this really safe? – It must be because Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and other big companies trust it and the users seems happy about it. But the thing is, we don’t really know what it is and is it keeping us safe. We are here now to break down the things and to get familiar with it in details.

What is this? – Two-factor or two-step authentication is another level which is attached to the account. This requires for you to have two credentials that you need to type them in just so you can access to your account. These three types are:

  • Credentials that you know
  • Credentials that you have
  • Credentials that you are that person that want access to the account

This is not considered to be new because you have been using it so far and you didn’t even know it. This means that the process is: Entering the factor like the card when you are using the ATM machine and second known factor like zip code or card’s security code. Some of us can say that it’s quite difficult to deal with but it depends on the implementation.


This requires only patience because this added step can assure you as much as can cause you minor pain. This 2FA can prevent the hacker attack who wants to steal all of your credentials and leave you with your pockets empty. But it’s not unbreakable either. Unfortunately one major break-through occurred in RSA Company while using this 2FA.

But some reports are claiming that we are responsible for the hacker attack. What does this mean? – This means that if a hacker wants to break into our system to steal our credentials he must acquire something like the physical component or the other knowledgeable information. The hackers have numerous ways on how to gain access to these things like malware attacks or a reader that can copy your credit card number.

So the real question is now: is there anything on the schedule to make this 2FA better?

Like I said earlier, this authentication has become a major thing that is included in every big company. And as time passes, hackers will find a way how to breach it without bigger urge. But as long as we are using our computers, we are the main subject of these attacks. Some analysts are saying that increasing the security of the 2FA will make the usage more difficult but the company is now surrounded with many problems that are causing headaches to people working there.

Let us stay optimistic because two-factor authentication is the best thing that has ever happened until now. There isn’t better security that will keep you safe then this. You just need to keep yourself and your computer safe from some slight attacks that can cause big problems. Keeping your credential safe is always a key to preventing attacks.

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