Windows Phone 8 Getting YouTube App by Google

Jasmina Lozevska May 27, 2013 0

Few days ago Microsoft has voiced discontent and officially pinched Google for making YouTube app for its Windows Phone 8. Google and Microsoft now finally reached an agreement and the new app for Win Phone 8 is expected to be launched in few weeks. This is good news for the Windows 8 Phone users because the lack of this app was huge.

Both companies have confirmed that a version that is built by the two companies will be coming to the Windows Store in few weeks from now and the new version will meet all the criteria and terms of service set by Google. There was a previous version of this YouTube app launched a month ago by Microsoft. The problem was that this app has broken the terms of services.

This application that was released by Microsoft which has served the users for experiencing the YouTube channel will be replaced with the new app that will be developed by both companies. Microsoft has been complaining how Google has been treating them for the past month and not making a YouTube app so long. Google has made it clear that they will make this application with collaboration between these two companies but they have no intention of making more apps because this Windows 8 market is facing some low demands. This will perhaps make Microsoft angry but this is the truth. Microsoft can use this as a boost to make some innovations that will bring the devices to a new level of competing on the market.


This deal has been made behind closed doors and there aren’t other certain details that can explain this deal. Our guess is that this app will be similar to the other ones that are included on the other OS platforms. Microsoft is making its way through the market but as Google said their app market hasn’t anything that can bring in order to be competitive on the market.

Maybe Google has been a little bit cruel towards Microsoft but if this company is smart enough to take a large boost from this than it will be hard to stop them out there on the market. I know that this seems a bit hard to believe but if you take the history and the changes in tech that were brought by Microsoft, we can give them the proper respect and chances.

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