Is Xbox One Paving the Way for the Apple TV?

Alex Bezeau May 27, 2013 0
Is Xbox One Paving the Way for the Apple TV?


Xbox One is on its start and as you know, Microsoft has released a TV streaming console through their new gaming console. There was a lot of criticism towards the console and most of the critics were saying that the main focus of the developers was towards making everything else perfect instead making updates to the gaming experience. But we are interested in something else. Does this new Xbox One paved the way for the rumored next gen Apple TV?

If Apple wants to introduce its next generation TV streaming service, then this is the right moment. Everything seems to be in kind of a mess out there now and Apple can take a big advantage of it and bring out its new iTV that will settle things down and bring big changes. Xbox One is here to help Apple make this fast progress. Let us take you couple of years ago when the first iPhone was revealed. This iPhone was built by the examples, failures, lacking features of the old smartphones and the iPad was built out of those tablets that were complete failures. The example will be followed here, as well. Apple can improve all the mistakes that Xbox One will make and take a big advantage from it before the official releasing. But there isn’t only Xbox One out there on the market – there are many more which can serve as examples for making the best TV platform out there.



We’ve done our homework and came up with an idea how Apple can do this thing.

Bringing more content and close integration with the App Store will do the trick. Just think of it like this. You will not buy a smartphone if its store for applications can’t offer you variety of apps. The current Apple TV has only 18 apps and this is the biggest reason why Apple needs to increase the number of apps available for its iTV. We all know how people get addicted to these apps and it will be a Win-Win situation for everybody.

Partnering with some huge providers will bring the iTV to a whole new level, as well. Xbox One brings slight experience of this but through HDMI pass that hasn’t plenty of content that can be offered out there. Partnering with some big providers and creating huge streaming service which can offer all the channels possible out there will attract the TV addicts. Live News or Live Sports offering can be the best thing that can happen to the TV market. With this, everybody will be happy. People will stay on their cable providers or satellite providers and Apple will give them apps for faster broadband.

Another thing that has to be made in order this iTV to come on top for a very short time is designing an interface that will be easy to handle and simple. With all the features that must be included, great and easy-to-navigate interface is a must-have just so people can explore through it without any difficulty. Designing simple navigation process will do the trick and Apple is the right manufacturer for doing this. As a bonus, they will do that with style.

As an addition to designing the great interface, there must be a killer remote which will come alongside with the iTV. The design of it is not the big question here because Apple knows the right way for making a device that is pretty attractive. It must be a revolutionary product that will have only few buttons but many functions that are easy to handle and remember. I’m just giving an example of how I want it to look like. Siri and iOS support is a must.

For designing an ultimate streaming TV box, Apple needs to hear out all the users of already present TV boxes. They just need to hear all the complaints, reviews and make its platform the best in the business. But if someone knows how to do things, Apple is the right choice for the job. Innovations are coming and Apple needs to prove that they are still here and by far they haven’t revealed any device to compete on the market. First things first.

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