First Apple Computer From the 70’s Auctions off for $671,400

Jasmina Lozevska May 27, 2013 0
First Apple Computer From the 70’s Auctions off for $671,400

Apple is selling computers from its very beginning but different information has surrounded the web that really amazed me. For a very long time now, I knew that there are only few Apple 1 computers originally made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak that are still working. Three of them were already sold on auctions for a lot of money.

This last computer was sold in an Auction House in Germany for $671,400 and with this, a new record was set. The old record was $640,000 and was set in December last year when another Apple 1 computer was sold in an auction house in Germany. We mentioned earlier that three of them were sold on auctions and the third one was sold in New York. This device was auctioned for $374,500.

The most expensive one of these three computers was built by Steve Wozniak in a garage that was owned by the parents of Steve Jobs in 1976. The original owner was Fred Hatfield and was sold with a letter signed by Steve Jobs and an original manual.


Back then, when this computer was produced at the garage, Jobs and Wozniak has presented this Apple 1 Computer to a computer club called Homebrew. At first sight, it wasn’t accepted by anyone there but one man called Paul Terrell ordered 50 of them for a decent price of $500. Jobs and Wozniak created these 50 computers in a month. That’s the first success for Apple’s computers and brand that continued working like a top company until today. Imagine producing 50 computers today with your friend for 30 days, that’s something that only “brainacs” like Wozniak and Jobs can do. The big question is where are the other 44 computers, apart from these 6 that we mentioned. Three of them were sold in auction houses but maybe we’re going to hear something about the other ones very soon.

This is another indication that the computers that were made back then and now are not the same. Since ever, the Cupertino-based company knows how to produce quality stuff and satisfy its demanding customers. Steve Jobs was strict enough and we all knew his attitude towards his employees and his work ethics. If your father or grandfather has bought an Apple 1 computer back in 1976, take a look in your basement and see if it’s in a good condition. As you can see, it can bring you a lot of money at this point.

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