No LTE for Budget Friendly Nokia Lumia 521

Jasmina Lozevska May 27, 2013 0

Even though Nokia is far behind in being compatible with the bigger phone manufacturers again, we must give them credit for trying their best. This device called Nokia Lumia 521 will offer you great performance and some great applications all of this for nice price. It lacks some must-have characteristics but the most lacking feature is the LTE support. There is still 4G HSPA+ network that is supported at this machine.


At first glance, it is kind of similar to the other previous versions of this Lumia family but if you take a closer look – it’s 4.7-inch tall, 2.5-inches wide and 0.4-inch deep. It looks very nice and while you hold it in your hands, you will get a feeling that you are working with your hand. In addition, it weighs only 4.4 ounces and the curve on the back contributes for the great fit in your hands.

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On the right side, you will find the buttons for controlling the power, volume and of course the camera shutter. At the top of the device, you will be able to find the 3.5mm jack and on the bottom side, you can find the USB port that is used for charging the handset also. This phone lacks front-facing camera but if you turn the phone on the back side you will be able to see the main 5-mpix camera with no flash, unfortunately. If you want to access the MicroSD card slot or the SIM card slot, you’ll need to open up the back plate.


Like every other phone with a touch-screen feature, first thing you’ll notice is the display. This Nokia 521 has a 4-inch display with a pixel resolution of 800 x 480. It’s not quite impressive, I know, but somehow you will get a feeling that this is the best fit for the phone. And to be honest, this is what you can expect from a budget phone. But to make the things better, this phone is equipped with some high sensitivity that all the Lumias have.

The best thing on the phone is that the keyboard is very accurate and with a huge contribution from the responsiveness you will be amazed by it.

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I know that some of you already thought that this camera has no flash and no front facing camera and all this leads to a complete disaster. But the results are quite opposite. As always, the camera quality has been a strong side of Nokia. Especially with these new Lumia devices, all of them are capturing really nice photos with great quality. This 5-mpix camera brought captured really nice images especially in bright light conditions. Low-light environment taken photos were quite impressive too and they looked definitely better than the other cameras.

All in all, this phone produces images that are slightly better than average and that’s good if we keep on mind that we are talking about budget phones.

As an addition to the photos, this camera is able to capture video materials with 720p in HD. Make sure you are shooting the videos only in light conditions because with no flash the videos in low light really didn’t had much to offer.


This phone comes equipped with a Qualcomm processor with clock speed at 1GHz. This processor offers the same quality and power like other dual-core processors that you can find on some budget devices. It’s not perfect for the gamers but you will get through with some games, of course. Maybe this phone lacks a slightly bigger RAM because this phone comes with 512 of RAM. The internal storage is not a big question here because it has 8GB and it’s far from enough for this kind of a device.


Other Specs

This phone runs on Windows 8 OS and also includes the custom software produced by Nokia. There are numerous apps that are included in this phone like the Here Maps or Here Drive which will give you the proper turn by turn navigation. T-Mobile wasn’t left aside and it has included some of its apps in this phone like the Caller Tunes, T-Mobile TV and other.

This OS has GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection but it lacks its LTE Support. Maybe that’s the biggest reason why you should have second thoughts about buying this phone.

Like a conclusion we are bringing you the pros and cons for this device:


–       Low cost, impressive camera, ability to capture HD videos, many features of the software, possible for off contract purchase, good design.


–       Lacking LTE support, no flash for the camera, no great quality of the display.

If you choose to buy this phone, you will find it available for $150 of-contract purchase and if you want to include a contract with it you will need to pay $130. This phone is best available at T-Mobile.

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