Which one is better: Apple or PC Design?

Heidi Speare May 28, 2013 0
Which one is better: Apple or PC Design?


We are surrounded by many devices but as it seems neither of them are compatible enough to beat the iPads. None of the PC makers are trying hard enough to beat the design and capability of the iPad generations, together with the iPad Mini. These tablets from Apple are followed only with good comments and excellent reviews. They are the stars in the tech world.

We’ve seen some devices that have only one thing – either a practical use or a pretty design. In the case of the iPad Mini, we have a device that has both things and on top fo that, it works perfectly. That’s why you can find it at the top of every list. And just to be clear – it’s made by Apple, a company that has a great history and a really good reputation among the customers. Easy to handle and beautiful design are both crucial reasons why Apple will continue selling millions iPad Mini devices.

This was brought up by an executive in Intel who set a very nice question why people aren’t using the numerous upgrades on their computers often like they have done that previously. He noted that instead of doing that, they are focusing into buying tablet devices. Well, this looks bad but it’s the reality. Some PC manufacturers are trying to bring us both experiences (PC and Tablet) on a single device making tablet-laptops. But as it seems, most of the people are replacing itheir computers with the iPad Mini.

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What makes these Apple tablets so attractive that everyone is buying them? Well take the iPad Mini, use it for few days and you will see what everyone has been talking about. The design and the functionality are very hard to beat. Apple is using the weaknesses of the other devices out there and it makes them their strong side. Let’s bring you back in 2007 when iPhone 1 appeared on the market. It changed the whole smartphone ‘game’. Remember when MacBook Air was launched back in 2008? It became so popular with a blink of an eye and the design was the thing that was selling the most.

I still haven’t met a device that will make the iPad manufacturers question their efforts. When some new tablet is brought up we are always comparing it with the iPad because it’s the best thing that hit the market so far. Maybe Microsoft with its Surface device is close to making some changes but at this point, it has a long way to go until it can reach the iPad’s achievements.

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