Facebook Missing Hashtags: Big Deal for Social Pop Culture

Sara Cunningham May 28, 2013 1
Facebook Missing Hashtags: Big Deal for Social Pop Culture

You may have already noticed that Facebook doesn’t support #hashtags, yet, people are using it anyway. And to be honest, from my standpoint and I believe many think this way – it looks really ridiculous. Recently, I saw a picture from a couple edited through Instagram that had over 15 hashtags on it. I know that this is trending now but come on, at least wait a little bit longer for Facebook to add them. Imagine that every single word of this report to have # in front of it, how would it look like?

Anyway, these #hashtags are here for a very long time and as it seems, Twitter was the social network that brought them to life. Instagram followed it with including them in order to enable users to easily locate pictures and now, it’s up to Facebook to bring them to its users. There were several rumors which showed us that in near future Facebook will include this form of expression but no details when exactly they will be launched.

Imagine you and your girlfriend/boyfriend take a picture and decide to share it on Facebook with tons of hashtags and your grandma’ wants to know what that means. And after you get to explain this to her somehow, imagine your grandma’ to using them after that. Weird huh?


If Facebook still doesn’t have intention of upgrading its platform to make these hashtags available, they will remain to have statuses as casual text with no meaning. Yes, we will know the meaning of those from the other platforms but it’s not the real deal.

Twitter started using them back in 2007 and really quickly, everybody started to get used to them. Even the celebrities are using them if they want to announce something. It looks more stylish and it’s amusing. With the # – sign in front of the keyword, teenagers are participating in the conversation that is trending in the moment. For example, now you can talk about Roland Garros because this competition it’s on and trending at the moment.

To be honest, these hashtags can be really helpful for Facebook. If you may already noticed, recently Facebook added some update that if you post something, a song for example, immediately after that you are asked if you want to receive more updates about the artist’s page. These hashtags can be a great fit because people won’t look silly anymore and it would be a great addition to see updates from a single “trending” topic.

This seems really easy to be done but the process maybe will be a little bit difficult. I’m not saying that Facebook isn’t capable of finding a way for doing that but it would be kind of ‘copying’ an already existing product initially seen on Twitter. Same as Twitter is increasing its revenue with ads that are using hashtags, Facebook can take advantage of the same thing. And including the #sign Facebook will hear the prayers of all youngsters and we will see lot of happy faces and lots of hashtags afterwards. I’m going to take a weekend off just to prepare for all that #signs that will fulfill my home page.

Twitter is charging the advertisers with $200,000 daily. #justsaying

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