Firefox OS Tablet in the Works by Foxconn/Mozilla

Alex Bezeau May 29, 2013 0
Firefox OS Tablet in the Works by Foxconn/Mozilla


For quite some time now, Mozilla and Foxconn are rumored to be in a close collaboration. Few weeks ago, we heard that Firefox is preparing a new update for its operating system. Now, both companies are inviting the press for an event which is scheduled for June 3 and maybe this date is perfect for launching a new device with the new Firefox OS.

According to the source that comes from Taiwan, these companies are cooking something in the oven and the final product will debut in June. This new device is rumored to be a tablet device that will hit the market running on its new Mozilla OS. Mozilla already showed what is capable of with the release of two new smartphones running on this Firefox OS. A Spanish company was the official carrier for these smartphones and they were meant for all the developers that wanted to make the OS better by building apps.

As it seems, Firefox is completing its plans very slowly, but steadily. The company representatives have declared that they are persuading some big companies to back up their system in near future. This was announced on this year’s MWC, where it has been reported that Mozilla has already made deals with some big companies like ZTE, LG and Deutsche Telekom.



Yes, your conclusions are right because these phones which are running on Firefox OS are focused in settling foot down in more budget areas. The U.S market is a huge step for them and we all know who they are who makes the rules in that area. From what we could see over the past few months, Mozilla has made this OS in order to present openness all over the Web. They are not there for profit and to satisfy all the shareholders in the company. I don’t know if this will built up in something bigger in the future to change things around here but I know that they are invisible in this market that is growing in its full speed.

Both companies didn’t give any thoughts about this speculation and one thing is for sure, we all see what they have planed few days from now. But releasing a tablet that runs on this Firefox OS seems the right thing to do because they have released smartphones and probably Mozilla wants to try in the tablet market, as well. We are letting you decide if this is right thing to do or they should stay with what they have for now and wait for the right moment for another step.

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