Quarter 1 in China Reveals Samsung Dominating the Smartphone Market

Sara Cunningham May 29, 2013 0
Quarter 1 in China Reveals Samsung Dominating the Smartphone Market

Samsung has once again proven to be the top smartphone manufacturer that rules the world. The Korean company now has showed who’s in charge in China. The first quarter in this area showed record breaking sales numbers of Samsung’s smartphones. The direct competitor Apple came in sixth in the list and Samsung increased its lead over Apple with more than double. The research was made by Strategy Analytics.

This is not something that is unexpected but it’s always good to be reminded how good Samsung is managing its sales levels. This company is on a great row taking the first place in the last 5 quarters. They have increased the number of sold devices by 2.2% from last year’s 4th quarter. Now let’s see the numbers.

Samsung was able to sell 12.5 million smartphone devices in China in the Q1 of this year and became the first company that sold more than 10 million smartphones in one quarter. The old record was held by the same company and this is not some big surprise, after all. All in all, Samsung now rules 18.5% of the Chinese smartphone market.


Right behind this company, in 2nd place is Huawei, a Chinese company that manufactures smartphones, which sold 8.1 million smartphones. It’s not bad for a company to have this high numbers of sold devices, of course. Coming up in third place is Lenovo that sold 7.9 million devices. In fourth and fifth place there are Coolpad and ZTE selling 7 million and 6.4 million smartphones, respectively. Apple falls short and far behind these manufacturers and noted 6.1 million smartphones in this Q1 2013.

Samsung has become a leader last year, when it noted 30.06 million devices through the whole year. And just for a comparison, this company was able to sell 10.9 million devices in 2011. You can notice the difference all by yourself and they sold more devices in this year’s quarter than they have sold for whole year in 2011. China is huge market and this area is ruling 32% of the global market.

But Samsung is not done yet. There is three quarters remaining and the newest smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4, is yet to be calculated in the sales in this upcoming 2nd quarter. I’m assuming that this will be just another great year for Samsung toping up the other smartphone manufacturers all around the world. Samsung was able to receive $5.1 billion in the first quarter like revenue from all the sold Android smartphones. Samsung has a good marketing and excellent products, as well. This is just the logical outcome.

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