White Nexus 4 Unveiled by LG, No Nexus 5 Anytime Soon

Jasmina Lozevska May 29, 2013 1
White Nexus 4 Unveiled by LG, No Nexus 5 Anytime Soon

Those of you who expected from LG to bring up its good stuff called LG Nexus 5, you might get a little bit disappointed by this report. Not very long ago, we have said that there are some thoughts of bringing up same Nexus 4 device but now with white chassis. To be honest, we though they are kidding with this news but people from LG were serious after all.

So, after this I thought that maybe they are releasing this just to announce later that they are launching the new Nexus 5. Then another announcement hit me that an executive in LG Company has said that they have not even the slightest intention to build next generation of this handset. There wasn’t any clue if he meant for this year or they are done with the Nexus family.

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However, this new white Nexus 4 is heading towards Middle East, Europe, North America and Asia and the users there will be able to purchase in few weeks. This new handset will include all the same specs that the casual Nexus 4 which is one year old. It will run even on the same Android 4.2 OS. The original Nexus 4 has noted big sales but it didn’t satisfy Google because they were expecting from it to be more competitive in the market. This device has fallen far behind Samsung and Apple’s smartphones.

The price is still unknown but we know that this device will be offered in the Google Play Store. We mentioned that this white device isn’t changed not even a bit, except that it looks more stylish. This device will feature a 7.4-inch display with a resolution of 1,289 x 768. Under the hood, you can find the Qualcomm Snapdragon with clock speed up to 1.5 GHz and it features 2GB of RAM. The black version of this handset was offered for $250 with no contract attached to it. Maybe we can expect that this white version of the smartphone will have $10 to $20 rise in price.

I don’t know if this is a smart thing to do for maintaining the same level as before. The competition already made their steps with much improved smartphones. Bringing another same version of a phone a year after it’s not something that will keep you on the same track with them. It can only take you step or two back. But let’s not exclude them right away because this company might have another ideas and plans for the future.

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