More Devices to Be Unveiled June 20 by Samsung

Jasmina Lozevska May 30, 2013 0
More Devices to Be Unveiled June 20 by Samsung

More than a month ago, Samsung has launched its “Next Big Thing” called Samsung Galaxy S4. While we are still getting used to it, Samsung had another big announcement to make. This company has said that more new smartphones will be unveiled this year. We have forgotten this report and now this Korean smartphone manufacturer has even brought up a deadline. We can expect these new smartphones to be launched on June 20.

WSJ is scheduled for this date and Samsung is aiming into releasing several new smartphones. There are some rumors that the main device will be a smaller and cheaper version of the new Galaxy S4 called the same as its predecessor Galaxy S4 Mini. This is the perfect device for those who are Samsung fans and don’t like this Galaxy S4 with a 5-inch display. I expect this smaller version of the smartphone to include a 4-inch display just like its predecessor. Under the hood will be included half of the power that its big brother have and maybe it will be offered by the same price. But that’s just me.


But, this is not the only device that will have its debut. Samsung will launch some new devices to upgrade its Ativ lineup, as well. In the announcement, we were able to detect three new devices and this indicates that at least three products will be unveiled at this event. There are three Ativ devices on the market including the Smart PC Pro and Ativ Smart PC both running on Windows 8. Don’t be fooled by the “PC” addition because these two devices are tablets. The third Ativ device that is out there is Ativ S Win Phone.

This is a strange choice from Samsung to upgrade something that didn’t succeeded on the market very good, but maybe the company has great plans how to revive them and make them great. If any company out there in the world is capable of doing something like this, definitely the right company for the job is Samsung. There is no question about that.

This event will be streamed live on YouTube and you will be able to see what this company has in mind. If you are not able to see the live coverage, of course, we will be on the top of our job to gather all the information from this event and show them of on our page. You just need to stay tuned.

This event will take place in London right after Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers conference which is scheduled on June 10. Microsoft will also have its Build developer conference but this event is scheduled for June 27.

It’s great to hear that Samsung will introduce some new devices that, I suppose, will be meant for the budget market. Increasing its device lineup will mean increasing the demand and the revenue at the end of the year. Samsung didn’t give any details what will these devices feature. Instead, there were only 4 pictures. One of them showed the announcement and the other three the new devices that will perhaps be launched. When this day comes all you need to do is tune in into and see what this company has to offer next.

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