Apple to Introduce Less-Expensive Devices

Alex Bezeau May 30, 2013 1
Apple to Introduce Less-Expensive Devices


Apple has been rumored that will produce cheaper devices all year. There is another rumor that surrounded this company that says Apple will produce less expensive devices and one major device will be the iPad Mini that will be meant for the budget market. I don’t know if this is a smart move from this company that preferred quality over price, but the market demand for these devices prescribes this.

This report comes from Citi Research and Glen Yeung, a lead researcher in this company and he believes that Apple is heading towards making devices that will attack the less expensive market. He said that the very much expected iPhone Mini will be introduced later this year, September to be precise, and it will be followed by low-cost iPad Mini tablet device. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has declined these rumors saying that this company will not make a move with creating devices that will not have quality.

The iPhone Mini was rumored to have a smaller screen and plastic chassis. Citi Research has even used the words of Peter Oppenheimer in their advantage. During the earnings call, Peter said that the company is trying to manage the business on long terms and they will even trade the short term profits for it.



We could see in the note of this Citi Research that they have even predicted details about these low-end devices. They wrote that 15 million units of the cheaper iPhone will be manufactured. I don’t know how they gathered the information but I think that this is just another attempt to predict something that Apple has declined few months ago.

Yes, we are all witnesses of the creation of cheaper devices and the fact that it eventually pays off, but from what we could see over the past years, Apple has tried to build its brand on quality work. I don’t want to be misquoted but I’m not a supporter of the idea for cheaper iPhone or even iPad. In order to produce a cheaper device you need to put something in it or on it (display, build material, processor, touch-screen tech and etc) that isn’t high-quality. If these speculations are true, we could expect the cheaper iPhone and cheaper iPad Mini covered in plastic. This is, by the way, something that Apple had excluded as a possibility for manufacturing its devices with this material. However, many people will find me wrong but that is just my point of view.

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