New Wi-Fi Standards Will be Introduced Soon

Sara Cunningham May 30, 2013 0
New Wi-Fi Standards Will be Introduced Soon

We were not so familiar with many things in this area so far, but several changes to the Wi-Fi present standards will occur in near future, reports say. We have all used public Wi-Fi hot spot and we can say that sometimes, this is not an easy process. Sometimes it’s free but sometimes you’ll need to enter your payment credentials in order to gain access to the internet through this Wi-Fi. But new standards are coming and all of this will be a lot easier to deal with.

Derek Peterson, a senior VP in Boingo Wireless said that very soon, we will have access to a seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. The new standards will put an end to these nuisances and we will all feel grateful about it.

So what these standards will bring anyway?

Hotspot 2.0 was presented at the beginning of this year. The Wi-Fi alliance is working really hard to put these standards into force that maybe they can see the end of it pretty soon. This Hotspot 2.0 standard will define all the protocols that are used by the devices and by the access points of the Wi-Fi in order to establish a connection. Now, you can’t figure it out if you are connected to the hotspot of someone’s cellular network.

But there’s more coming. This new standard, called Next Generation Hotspot, will allow the carriers to make a deal with the hot-spot operators in order to bring roaming service between them. This will put an end to the ending calls when you transfer a call from 3G network to Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi Broadband Alliance already put a trial version in the hands of some big carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange and etc.


Peterson has said that these carriers will start implementing this standard by the end of this year. The process will last couple of months before it’s officially released because some necessary equipment will be required.

After the implementation of these standards, any ordinary Wi-Fi hot spot will act like a carrier network access point. The roaming will occur automatically when you transfer from 3G/4G to Wi-Fi network. You can kiss goodbye the old manually typing credentials for gaining authorized access. And all the Wi-Fi networks around the world will be a part of the network which is provided by the cellular operator.

In other words, 3G and 4G will gain better usage as the wireless network will be spread around all the Wi-Fi hot-spots around us. We will gain more quality with this, there is no question about that and we can agree that this is hell of an idea.

This is not the end of these new standards. Some new business models and possibilities will be opened as soon as these standards take over the Wi-Fi network. As the network spreads, more partners will be needed. The big companies like AT&T and T-Mobile would feel the need to add few more partners to their wireless networks. With this, more business models will occur, this means bigger demand and big revenue numbers at the end of the year.

According to Peterson, it’s a bit difficult to announce the winner now and he isn’t even sure if there will be one. But we all know that the winners will be the customers who will receive the clear signal and much easier access to these Wi-Fi networks. These standards will improve everything that we have now with this wireless broadband.

The best thing is that the user will never know if he is connected through a Wi-Fi hot spot because this will be a part from user’s carrier network. This means a lot of benefits for the customers like Wi-Fi easier access, faster speed, better coverage of the network and etc.

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