Spotify adds Improved Features, Makes Music Search Easier

Heidi Speare May 30, 2013 0
Spotify adds Improved Features, Makes Music Search Easier


We can definitely say that these past several months is the era of the streaming services. We saw several acquisitions of the bigger companies purchasing some streaming service companies for improving this domain. Spotify sat back and saw what happened out there in the market and started to make some changes. This company announced yesterday on its Discover feed some new features that will make the searching for new music a lot easier.

The music is now easier to discover. This was promised by the company couple of months ago and finally, they have made it happen. With this new feature all the users can see the related song to the one that is streamed at the moment, some recommendations, and all the dates of the artist tours and some other slight improvements.

The beta version of this Discovery page is finally over. This feature was launched at the end of last year and until now, it was set to testing. Now, if you follow all your favorite artists, you will get an update from new releases. You will be still able to see all the playlists from your friends.

Another great feature has been released. Remember how Spotify lacked song previews? – Well, from now on, that is history. With the new Audio Preview feature, you will be able to hear a sample of a song by your choice on the Discover page. If you like the song, Spotify offers you to save the song for later or to play the full song right away. Sounds pretty handy but we will see how it will this feature turn out later.

For now, Spotify notes over 24 million users and its library has 20 million tracks for you to pick on demand. This streaming service is active in 28 countries and from the latest rumors that surrounded this company, in near future, they will spread their availability in more countries worldwide. You can find this Discover page on the Web player also, beside the on the mobile apps and desktop version.

Spotify maybe felt a bit threatened by all the other companies that are focused into upgrading its streaming services or by the new companies that are still new in this business. It’s nice from Spotify to make some changes to tell to the users that they are still here for them and they will remain offering the same quality streaming service in the future. It’s still early to say how the newly born competition will develop in this market but an upgrade every now and then will do the trick with keeping your subscribers.

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