Canon PowerShot N – Small but Powerful

Sara Cunningham May 30, 2013 0
Canon PowerShot N – Small but Powerful

Maybe you got used to seeing only smartphone, tablet or laptop reviews over the past few months but now we have something else to show you. Let me introduce to you one of Canon’s coolest devices – Canon PowerShot N. Someone will say that this is small but I can tell you that is more powerful than majority of the other cameras. Let’s cut through the chase and bring the good stuff.

Design and Function

As I said earlier, someone may think it’s too small to be powerful but I’m saying that it’s made perfectly handy. There are some other things that are small, too, such as the zoom control and the shutter release button. The display has the touch-screen feature and if you want to focus you just need to tap on the object. The two rings that you can notice around the lens are the zoom control and the shutter release.

You might have a slight difficulty with using them but you will get used to it very fast. They are placed too close and some is bigger than another. The screen has the ability to rotate 90 degrees, giving you very great possibility for shooting at several angles. It’s pretty easy, too.


The majority of the functions are controlled by the screen and you can notice that there are only few buttons placed on the sides. On the right-top side you will see the power button and on the left is a switch that lets you choose between the main modes and the Creative Shot mode. On the same side, you will see the connect button which enables you to connect the camera to a mobile device and a play button that lets you review the shots.

It weighs only 6.9 ounces and the dimensions of it are:

  • Height: 2.4 – inch
  • Width: 3.1 – inch
  • Depth: 1.2 – inch

You can see that Canon has been limited with the space and they had to put a small battery with MicroSD slot that will let you upgrade the storage capacity. The battery will drain very fast except if you forget to turn off your Wi-Fi. Additional battery is something that will help you in these situations.

It has some apps that are included in it. It has Android and iOS app integration that will let you send all your photos to your mobile devices. We mentioned the Mobile Device Connect button that lets you do the transfer faster than the casual connection.

The biggest disappointment in this camera is that there is no flash. We said that in low-light conditions it offers a really great picture quality but without a flash, you can’t shoot pictures at night. It’s equipped only with a lamp that plays the role of a flash but it’s too short and you will be able to shoot pictures in a close range in order to notice difference with this lamp.

Quality of images

Perhaps your smartphone camera is enough for you but using this Canon PowerShot N is an experience that will never end. You will feel very addicted to it and you will take it with you wherever you go. It’s not just small and handy, but the picture quality is something that Canon should be proud of, as well. The thing that surprised me the most is the low-light picture quality of this camera.  It’s simply amazing, plus it has pretty amazing color performance.


This camera resolution is equipped with 12-mpix and yet you can expect some good pictures from it. Of course, it’s not the type of professional camera but it’s enough if you want great camera along with your smartphone. The video quality is really good and the refocus of the camera is fast and is enabling you to quickly change it. But we’ve found a slight disappointment here. When you start your video or maybe later when you review it you will hear the sound of the click or from the autofocus. Canon didn’t pay too much attention to that.

Shooting Options

As it seems, this company has focused on making the shooting focus great. And they pretty much succeeded in that. First, there is the Program Auto feature that will let you change the ISO settings and white balance.

Then, there is the new Creative Shot mode that, after you shot a photo, this mode will create 5 versions of it all of them with different tone, color, and styles. You can choose which one you will save and this is pretty cool.

The other mode is called Hybrid Auto. This is a mode that will capture few moments before you take a photo. And when you get enough of shooting for the day, this mode collects all the moments before any shot and puts them in a movie, automatically. How cool is that?


At the end we are showing you our pros and cons version of this camera:

Pros: Handy, great touch-screen that has fast response time, tilting touch screen, Wi-Fi, great modes for taking shots.

Cons: Size (for some), Battery life, no flash.

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