Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is Finally Here!

Jasmina Lozevska May 31, 2013 1
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is Finally Here!

There were a lot of speculations suggesting that this Galaxy S4 Mini smartphone by Samsung will be launched June 20, when the official event was scheduled. Not just this device though, but some other were also mentioned to have their breakthrough on that date. However, here we are now, just a day after Samsung has announced the Galaxy S4’s little brother.

We know that lately, Samsung was making its phones with bigger displays but as things are now, all the customers are not very happy about that screen size. In order to satisfy their wishes and needs, a month ago, this company has announced that there will be a smaller-sized smartphone manufactured by the summer. As they promised, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been unveiled.

Anyways, this smartphone includes many of the new features that were first presented on the bigger version of it. The design represents an obvious smaller size of the display and of the handset as a whole. It has a 4.3-inch Super Amoled display. While creating the hardware, Samsung decided to go one step down and put a dual-core processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. The battery has smaller capacity too, rated at 1,900 mAh. When I’ve talked about expectations for this phone with my colleagues we all agreed that it will feature a 13-mpix camera. But Samsung has decided to go with an 8-mpix camera. We are a bit disappointed by this but we think it’s acceptable.


In the presentation, Samsung added that it will run on Android 4.2.2 OS that is also called Jelly Bean. It has been announced that this handset will be offered with a support of the fast LTE 4G network and as an addition to this, the Galaxy S4 Mini will support 3G and dual-SIM.

Over the years, Samsung has become a market leader when we talk about smartphones. It attacked every single market out there and they are equally successful in any of them. There haven’t been any indications what will be the price of it but we know that this phone will be offered in two color versions, white and black.

If you don’t like your bigger Samsung Galaxy S4 this comes as a smaller replacement. We just know that if you choose to buy this handset over the original 5-inch version, you will feel a little bit a step down in software and hardware, as well. But it’s perfect if you are a budget smartphone seeker.

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