3D Printed Food – Futuristic Lifestyle is Almost Here

Jasmina Lozevska May 31, 2013 0
3D Printed Food – Futuristic Lifestyle is Almost Here

Would you eat some kind of a food that comes right from your printer? – I know I would not try that in let’s say for about another thousand years, if I live that long. But, as the technology develops with the speed of light, maybe in few years we will be introduced to a tech that will continue our life span.

Anyways, what I would like to say here is that the future in the food industry is right around the corner. Soon, many people will be able to eat right from their printer. The parents of many kids will stop saying to them: “Don not eat in front of your PC”, because that would be simply impossible.

Not very long ago, I read a report saying that NASA will finance some company in order to produce 3D food printer. The time period is 6 months and for this project, Systems & Materials Research Corporation, the company that will manufacture the printer, received a grant of $125,000. This project will be from huge help for those who travel far in the space. This printer will have food material in form of a powder and after adding liquid material during the printing process you will have the food. Some already made experiments bread, cake and turkey loaf have come out fresh almost like fresh from the oven.


Yet another successful project has given a 3D product. A husband and wife called Lyle and Liz von Hasseln has succeeded making a birthday cake using just the printer. Before this, they were awarded with $100.000 for a new 3D printing method. And now they developed a new way to print 3D food that can be eaten after that. They were able to transform the sugar into a structural and dimensional form. For making this sugar cake, they used some mixed liquid that is right between water and alcohol. The process doesn’t look very difficult and it can’t be made by everyone. When dried (because this mixture of water and alcohol is used for holding the sugar in place) this 3D form can be used as decoration of a cake or something else. And yes we forgot to mention that this form is first printed in layers.

When looking into these amazing innovative things sometimes I’m asking myself is there an end we could reach in technology? – This is just another indication of what a single mind can do and how inspirational can people be. When I see an amazing device that can do anything that you can think of, when asked for opinion I usually say: “It can do anything beside cooking and cleaning in/around your home”. Well, I was just describing how powerful can be one single device, now I must think of another sentence for description because devices can now even cook.

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