Apple Silently Releases iPod Touch without Rear Camera

Heidi Speare May 31, 2013 0
Apple Silently Releases iPod Touch without Rear Camera


While we were all focused towards Samsung and its new devices, we expected an answer from its biggest competitor on the market. But, there is not even a slight clue that the new iPhone device is on its way. Instead, Apple has released a brand new iPod Touch device, out of the media’s eyes. And this device will not feature the rear camera because Apple wanted to make this device slimmer than the other.

With purchasing it, you will get a device that offers only 16GB of storage capacity but it has the Retina display technology in its screen. It has a 4-inch display and the thing that disappointed me the most was that this device is powered by the A5 processor chip that was released 2 years ago. So why making a device with this processor? Nobody knows the answer.

The device has the traditional music player and with the shipment, you will receive black or silver Apple EarPods. Yes, they only make them in two color options. Like I said before, the rear camera is not included in this new iPod because we all know how Apple wants to make its devices look astonishing and thin. Well, instead of a rear camera you will get a lot thinner iPod Touch. While we at it, this device weighs only 86g. It measurements are: height: 4.86 inches and width: 2.31 inches. The front-facing camera remains though, but you will not be able to shoot such high resolution videos at 1080p anymore.


This device may be the first one in the line to come out cheaper. We all know that recently Apple was rumored for producing a new cheaper iPhone Mini that will have plastic chassis and only yesterday, we reported a new rumor about a cheaper iPad Mini. But we don’t want them to lose some hardware features in order to be cheaper, do we?

This iPod Touch with 16GB storage will be selling for $229 and that makes the cheapest device that came from Apple since ever! This tech giant was able to sell 100 million devices since 2007 and when it came up this device was surrounded with so much negative reviews than any device. But the acceptance and the demand was great, and now those who wanted to have a cheaper iPod for storing lots of movies and music, here’s their chance to take advantage.

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