Apple Is Victorious Again: iPod Reaches 100 Million Sales

Sara Cunningham May 28, 2013 0
Apple Is Victorious Again: iPod Reaches 100 Million Sales

During The Loop, which was taken place on Thursday, Apple has finally confirmed a statement about its sales that has sold more than 100 million iPod touches, since its first launch, the trendy music player was introduced in 2007. The iPod touch is one of the Apple’s top-selling products that make it half of all the iPods sold. The announcement of the company has a quiet release of this latest yet entry-level model. The gadget has shared similar features as the 5th-generation iPod touch, but it doesn’t include a rear iSight camera. It is also available in silver. The latest iPod touch model is capable of 16GB in ternal storage and with a price of $229.

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The Apple’s Announcement

Apple’s announcement is mainly interested, since the company has not traditionally presented a breakdown of sales among diverse iPod models. The iPod touch has been the only iPod that operates as Apple’s iOS platform, with an access to the built-in iTunes download and App Store support.

The company said, during its periodical earnings reports, that the accounts of iPod touch are more than half of all its sales. However, market watchers have left to guess just how many sales in iOS devices, the iPod touch has embodied. However, the total iPod sales have continued to diminish since the iPhone cannibalizes the portable media player line-up of Apple. On top of the iPod touch, the company’s present line-up, includes the iPod shuffle, the iPod classic and iPod nano.

The Quick Look Back to the Features

The iPod touch line up has been invigorated since October 2012, when the high-end 32- and gigabyte models 64 were given a similar size of 4-inch Retina display as iPhone 5, on top of Apple’s latest, slighter Lightning connector. According to their update on Thursday, those features are widely available with the 16-gigabyte model at $229 as well.

Currently, Apple does not present a sales breakdown among the different iPod models. This will be hard to figure out as to how many iPod touches were sold. The Apple Company has been persistent to allege that their iPod touch formed more than 50% of sales. It is believed that this makes sense, since this is the only one who has access to the App Store, that runs on the iOS platform, and which also has iTunes download support.

Overall, Apple is celebrating its company’s victory as one of the largest technology makers worldwide.

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