Blackberry Q10 Available in the US on June 5th

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Blackberry Q10 Available in the US on June 5th

Recently, T-Mobile has declared that BlackBerry Q10 will be available on all of the company retail stores in the United States this coming June 5. It is reported that such handset will be sold with an up-front payment of $99.99. The monthly payment will then be $20 a month with a lock-in period of 24 months. On top of all this, it is suggested that the consumer will need one of the Uncarrier monthly plans or No Contract Simple Choice Plan.

Blackberry Q10 Available in the US on June 5th 2

Berry Specs

The Smartphone features the good old QWERTY keyboard and the latest BlackBerry 10 Operating Systems. The Smartphone also features a 3.1 inch display and a 720 X 720 resolution. The handset unit is also powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core processor. The specifications of BlackBerry Q10 also include 16 GB of internal or buit0in memory stage and has 2GB RAM. Furthermore, the phone also has a MicroSD slot which can expand the memory up to 64 GB. Other specs of BlackBerry Q10 also feature both rear and front facing cameras. The front camera has a 2 megapixel capacity, clear enough to deal with video chat. The rear camera features an astounding 8 megapixel cam which supports full HD. This is more than ideal for photos and videos. Moreover, BlackBerry Q10 also has HSPA+, LTE, and NFC.

Berry Features

Perhaps one of the astounding feature of Blackberry Q10 is the voice control which enables you to compose messages or search the phone in your natural voice. It also has blackberry maps for navigation. Furthermore, it also features a unique calendar and the signature blackberry browser. Another interesting feature will be a balance of work and personal information. This feature is also one of the highlights of this Smartphone. There are also tons of other features which consumers will most likely interest the US market.

Anticipating the Berry

Following its success in Canada and flaws in the United Kingdom, it is unsure whether or not the BlackBerry Q10 will be a hit. Berry admirers in the U.S. will likely contribute to its success. The marketing flaws in the United Kingdom must be avoided. But still, the Blackberry executives are looking at the sales positively. With T mobile’s Plan offers, the Blackberry Q10 handset sale will likely rise. We will just wait until the first day of its release to have a sample grasp of the sales of this Smartphone unit.

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