Facebook Announces Its Failure to Bar the Posts With Hate Speech

Sara Cunningham May 29, 2013 0
Facebook Announces Its Failure to Bar the Posts With Hate Speech

According to Facebook, its system used to identify and remove any hate speech has not been effective. It has created a pressure from several feminist groups which wanted the networking site to ban the pages which promotes violence against women. This is also in respect to humanity.

Facebook Announces Its Failure to Bar The Posts with Hate Speech 2

Women’s Response

The company received the pressure which escalated last week. They have received the complaints from various leaders. Soraya Chemaly, an activist and a writer, even published an open letter to Facebook executives saying to band the hate speech regarding gender on the website. The letter includes Facebook pages with titles. There are also several other pages which depicts images of abused women. In totality, the groups simply asked to train its moderators more effectively in recognizing and removing such content. They even asked help from Facebook users to relay the #FBrape Twitter hashtag in order to call the attention of several companies and , thus, calling them to block their ads on Facebook.

Facebook’s Response

These activists sent over 5,000 emails to advertisers on Facebook. They also have produced over 60,000 Twitter posts. They had petitions on the website “change.org” which received supports 224,000 people. This made Nissan and several smaller companies to declare that they will take back their advertising from the said social networking site. They have even made a complaint to Facebook regarding the misogynous content. Facebook said, in turn, that they would review in dealing with such content. Furthermore, they will be training its employees and raise the accountability. As such, they would require the users to use their real identities in the creation of the content. Finally, they will create direct communication lines with the said women’s group and several other entities.

Advertiser’s response

Several companies answered this call. Nissan had already halted all its advertisements on Facebook. Such withdrawal will continue until such time Facebook can assure Nissan that their advertisements will not appear on the pages which has offensive content. Nissan has acted since their ads target certain demographic groups such as men with the age 30 to 35. This was done through Facebooks system which follows the Facebook users of such demographic group to whatever page they visit. Nevertheless, there are those who have stood short in their withdrawal of advertisements. Even so, they have reassured that they still support the complaining groups and they did not abandon the “violence against women” issue.

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