Facebook Reveals Verification Program for Pages and Profiles

Sara Cunningham May 29, 2013 2
Facebook Reveals Verification Program for Pages and Profiles

Recently, Facebook declared that it will uncover Verified Pages and Profiles. With this new come up, it looks like the social networking site still has more aces on its sleeve for its users. It offers a great solution to multiple accounts of a certain prominent figure which gives confusion to subscribers. Read below to learn how to this new program works.

Verified Pages and Profiles

This feature is like the system used by Vine, Twitter and Google plus although it resembles more like Twitter. The good thing about this feature is that users can find the official pages of celebrities and other figures which they want to subscribe to and follow. To do such feat, a blue check mark is placed next to the names of that certain celebrity’s Timeline. The blue check mark can also be found in search results so it would be easier to find the page. Thus, with this scheme, numerous fake accounts will no longer pose confusion among subscribers.

Facebook Reveals Verification  Program  for  Pages and Profiles 2

Extent of the Verification

Facebook will apply such verification to popular brands, businesses, journalists, celebrities and even government officials. To illustrate, Facebook set Selena Gomez’s profile as an example. There are also other celebrity profiles which have been verified already including Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kim Kardishian, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber. Facebook users can expect more verified profiles each day. More blue check marks will be seen every day. However, it is not only limited to this. Facebook will be proactive in this. As mentioned earlier, it’s pretty much like Twitter. Users can report fake accounts to help with the verification agenda but they cannot request a profile to be verified.If Facebook will allow, the owners of the profile for the same prominent figure will each claim that they are the original. This will give more trouble than help if this is the scenario.

Verification Scheme Before and Now

The need for a verification program has existed ages ago. Facebook offered a solution way back February 2012 with its verification program launching. The program allows people to verify their own accounts using a valid ID. However, this program did not work on public badging. With this new scheme, verification works also with prominent figures. This is yet another innovation and service by Facebook to its users. Users can gladly appreciate if it can also apply to private organizations and groups. There are some group administrators which fight over a page name. It will pretty much of a great help if Facebook does so.

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