Google Glass Will Never Be a Hit Says Tim Cook

Sara Cunningham May 29, 2013 0
Google Glass Will Never Be a Hit Says Tim Cook

Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, thinks that a wearable tech sounds very interesting, yet he comments that it will not be a big hit for everyone. At the All Things D Digital Conference, Cook gave a hint regarding the possibility of the ever rumored iWatch. In the same event, he belittled the likelihood of Google’s investment in wearable tech.

Cook’s Comment on Wearable Gadgets

Cook said that he is interested in wearable tech such as glasses. However, he is not that interested in this venture since it is difficult to appeal to different tastes, style and fashion. Nevertheless, he commented positively of a product that would be great on a wrist. He also pointed out that there are wearable techs already available in the market but he appears to find them rather unappealing. He still yet to find a product that will convince even a child to wear a glass or band tech. There is still a need to research more regarding this matter.

Google Glass Will Never Be a Hit Says Tim Cook 2

Possibility of Apple’s Venture

As of the moment, Cook only revealed that the market has been already ripe for exploration. The company is still trying to investigate their ventures on wearable technologies and gizmos. But still, he does not positively confirm Apple’s venture into wearable gizmos in the future such as the iWatch. He only said that he does not want to answer such issue as of the time. Such behavior is typical of Tim Cook. This is not the only product that Cook refuses to answer. He was asked about the company’s venture to TV. He only said that he does not want to give details but he hinted that there was a vision of it. Apple has to redeem its pride with an innovation as the market is now starting to doubt the company.

Cook’s Response Regarding Stock Price

Recently, Apple’s stock price have fallen and the market audience have been thinking that Apple has no more tricks out of its sleeve. However, Apple’s boss said that the company is still very capable. He claimed that the company has incredible plans that are currently being worked on. He said that the company still has tricks that will turn the tables for them. As for the stock price, Cook commented that such pesky fall in the stock price was truly a frustration for everyone. He said to simply put the prince in the up and down trend of the stock market.

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