Google Migrates Buzz Data to Google Drive in a Few Weeks

Sara Cunningham May 29, 2013 0
Google Migrates Buzz Data to Google Drive in a Few Weeks

It is now the time to say goodbye to Buzz data. Google’s venture for social service just ended last October 2011. Its existence was less than two years’ time. It would not matter to most people anyway. However, the dilemma lies with those who truly enjoyed Buzz. They have been left no way to access the files or data in Buzz data.

Death of Buzz

Just today, Google is now withdrawing its support for Buzz data. The email announcement sent to Buzz data users contained a farewell message in the context of migration to Google Drive. All data including public and private posts left on Buzz will be now slowly transferred to Drive Accounts beginning this June 17. The only good new left is that the transferred data from Buzz won’t add to the restricted quota in Drive.

Google Migrates Buzz Data to Google Drive in a Few Weeks 2

Migration Process

Google will start the migration by creating two files. The first file is viewable and accessible strictly only to the account user. However, such file is only a snapshot of the whole user’s private and public posts on Buzz data. On the other hand, the second file will be made available on Public. In other words, the file can appear in search results from Google and also on the user’s Google plus profile. The incoming links attributed to the user account on Buzz data will point to the second file instead. After doing the second one, Google will literally dump all the contents of the user on Buzz data on an assumption that the user has no problems with the data being shown in Google Drive.

Migration Problems

Despite the simplicity of the migration process, the difficult part lies in migrating Buzz comments. With this factor in the migration picture, Google must also take into consideration the privacy settings of the user who made such comment to the poster of the content being commented. To illustrate, let us assume a scenario that you left a comment to a friend’s private post. If that were to stay private, your friend has the option to make the post and comment public so long as your friend wishes. You will have no way of editing your comment if your friend edits the view setting for his private posts. The only option you have if you don’t want your comment to be seen is to request him to remain it hidden. Perhaps, you can also write an angry email to convince him. Thus, a friendly suggestion would tell you to either delete your entire Buzz account or manually delete unwanted public posts. You still have few weeks’ time.

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