Microsoft Offers Discounts on Tablets for TechEd Participants

Sara Cunningham May 29, 2013 0
Microsoft Offers Discounts on Tablets for TechEd Participants

If you are not fond of conferences, then you should start to like one next week. It looks like TechEd 2013 attendance will give you the opportunity to purchase Surface RT and Surface Pro at incredible prices. You can also obtain the Surface RT for a mere $99.99! This will be the most cost-effective price ever! Before going into details regarding TechEd, here is a quick review of both gadgets.

Surface RT

For starters, there are only few differences with Surface RT and Surface Pro. But if you want to bring work with you all the time, it would be preferable to have Surface RT. Productivity is the essence of the RT. Compared to Surface Bro, it has long battery life. It can be used to a maximum of 8 ours. Thus, you won’t have to be anxious in always saving your work or run to a nearby charging station. It has connectivity ports such as USB and HDMI. It is also capable of expanding its memory with microSDXC cards.

Microsoft Offers Discounts on Tablets for TechEd Participants 2

Surface Pro

On the other hand, Surface Pro is the tablet for personal use. At first glance, you will get excited with its elegant and solid hardware design. It can also give you an Ultrabook level performance. IT also support pen input which is pressure sensitive. However, when compared to RT, you might get disappointed since it is not made for heavy duty performance like its RT counterpart. The battery life can be disappointing. There is no available keyboard dock. Desktop scaling poses issues especially if you use it in large external monitors. You might get disappointed further as it does not have NFC and GPS features. Regardless of its flaws, it is still worth the shot since it has 128GB version while the RT counterpart is only available for a mere 64 GB version. Furthermore, it has more classy and elegant look.

TechEd Details

So, after a quick review, you might become a little interested in attending TechEd besides the topics for the conference of course. All TechEd participants such as partners, customers, press and third part staff or speakers are eligible for such discounted price offers. If you are a little inspired to attend now, then you should know that the full TEchEd conference costs $2195. IF you are going to attend TechExpo only, then you will spend only $225. However, it is not sure if attendees for Expo qualify for the discount.

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