Microsoft to Push Low Cost Laptops and Tablets With Windows 8.1

Sara Cunningham May 30, 2013 0

A few months ago, news about Windows Blue says that it is being worked on in order to solve the issues with Windows 8. Recently, it is now officially called Windows 8.1 and this OS can be run on tablets with a range of 7 to 14 inches. It is also currently used on laptops which uses an Intel Atom processor or a Temash low voltage chip by AMD. These laptops are popularly called Ultramobile laptops.

Initial Response to Windows 8.1

The incorporation of Windows 8 to smaller sized tablets has been ignored even until now although it has a good record at the beginning of the year. The only reason that they have been selling well in the first quarter is that they tend to cheaper due to the holiday season. At the first instance, you will notice that smaller tablets are bought for purposes of content consumption and not productivity. Apparently, Microsoft also notices the same trend with 10.1.

Microsoft to Push Low Cost Laptops and Tablets with Windows 8.1 2

Oddities With New Windows

There is something odd with Windows 8.1. It is reported to have a price of $30 in laptops and tablets while $65 to $85 for desktop PCs with powerful processors. However, to topple the confusion, Microsoft plans to give Microsoft Office without charge for tablets up to 10.1 inches running on Windows 8.1 and using Intel or AMD processors. This is a powerful catch yet an odd move from Microsoft. They intended 10.1 tablets for content consumption yet they are willing to give away software for productivity.  Logic tells us that it’s odd. However, reports say that they are trying to push new users in using a cloud subscription of Microsoft Office in the near future. This report can clear the logic if it is going to be true.

Hope for Microsoft

Microsoft’s’ struggle for the sale of tablets and laptops still has an unclear path. However, the tides can change when these Ultramobile laptops running on Windows 8.1 will have its launching this fall. As long as they use low end Atom and Temash chips, they can sell low cost laptops and tablets. They are also working hard on touched based laptops. Today, it has become a new norm. Nevertheless, Windows 8.1 can hardly penetrate the market. Both Android and iOS are boasting with their huge number of applications. Let us just hear further reports about how they are going to create a demand for gadgets with Windows as OS.

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