Motorola Leaks Details of Its Game Plan to Topple Competitors

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Motorola Leaks Details of Its Game Plan to Topple Competitors

D11 conference showcased a session with Dennis Woodside, the Motorola Mobility CEO, and Regina Dugan, Motorola’s Senior VP for projects and advanced technology. The session began with a recap of the company’s innovation. They boasted with their Razr and other popular innovations. They even recapped a few of the company’s failure such as the Iridium Satellite Phone

The Conversation Theme

If you take a look at it, the 85 years of Motorola’s history reveal how the company ruled the phone industry for ages. Nevertheless, they have been knocked over during the age where Smartphone rules. The conversation has been knocked off when the interviewer cuts short the proud narration with an inquiry regarding the company’s current innovation. Afterwards, the conversation became more and more of a flip side of Apple’s interview the other night.

Motorola Leaks Details of its Game Plan to Topple Competitors 2

Motorola’s Plan

Since the phone is using Android, it technically has no advantage over other manufacturers such as HTC and Samsung. It is likewise no doubt that Apple is a great adversary. It has been very successful for several years. It may appear until they have been short on innovations with their latest Smartphone but Tim Cook revealed that they have plans to build a big comeback. However, Cook is silent regarding the details. So how is Motorola going to overcome all this? How is the company going to convince the world again. Woodside bragged about a Smartphone that is not going to be launched or shipped in a few months. However, he refused to show that Smartphone when he has a unit of it inside his very own pocket. But even so, he revealed its name. It is called Moto X. This Smartphone may turn the tables with its unique and creative ways of using the sensor. They have not revealed information other than this.

Motorola on Google

Aside from Smartphone plans, Woodside and Dugan gave been asked for its comment regarding the company’s relationship with its new owner, Google. Woodside only said that he had a simple mandate from Larry Page, Google’s CEO. He is mandated to think big and offered a luxury time for it. As for its advantage over Android, he simply accepted that he holds no advantage regarding the secrets of Android OS over its competitors. Nevertheless, they are still pushed to the limits as Dugan added that they are they are concerned more about how to manage the innovation rather than on the challenges posed by the company’s rivals.

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