Motorola Replaces Passwords With Tattoo Technology

Sara Cunningham May 30, 2013 0
Motorola Replaces Passwords With Tattoo Technology

It appears that Motorola is starting to make its move again as it is now under the ownership of Google. Motorola announced that their subsequent phones can use electronic pills or tattoos in order to identify its owner. With this technology, Motorola seeks an improvement in Smartphone sales. This could also be Motorola’s chance to redeem itself and make clear that Google’s purchase is worth the price.

The Tattoo Technology

This technology aims to get rid of the need for passwords which can become a bit of a nuisance. The technology works by merely being close to the owner’s body. This has been a suggestion made by Motorola’s chief executive, Dennis Woodside, during the famous California D11 conference. The tattoos are currently developed by MC, a Massachusetts- based firm for engineering. Furthermore, the tattoos will consist of flexible electronic circuits. It is going to be attached to the user’s skin with the use of a rubber stamp.

Motorola Replaces Passwords With Tattoo Technology 2

Tattoo Technology Origins

 It is said that Nokia had already created an experimental move by integrating tattoos in the usage of cellular phones. Regina Dugan, Motorola’s Senior VP for advanced researched and US Pentagon’s former head for Advanced Research Projects Agency for Defense proceeded to demonstrate the silicon based technology which makes of bendable electronic circuits. Initially, this has been intended for medical purposes but Motorola utilized these “Biostamps” and hopes that it can be used to authenticate the consumer. Truly, this is still unique. When made available to the public, curiosity will most probably attract the market and can also boost sales.

The Pill Technology

If tattoo is unique, then you wait until you had heard of the pill technology. Motorola is currently researching the Proteus Digital Health Pill. The pill has been approved already by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It has also received approval by the European regulatory authorities in 2010. This pill comes with a computer chip. It can be powered by a battery which makes use of the user’s stomach acid. Furthermore, it has been reported that the pill works by creating a distinctive signal just like the one used with ECG trace. Such signal will be received by any device outside the body and, therefore, will be used to confirm the user’s identity. The pills are to be taken by the user daily for one month. However, there are still a lot more questions to be answered.

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