Snapdragon, to Be Featured in Samsung Galaxy Note III

Sara Cunningham May 30, 2013 0
Snapdragon, to Be Featured in Samsung Galaxy Note III

A rumor reveals that Samsung is going to incorporate Snapdragon 800 to Galaxy Note III. The market is expecting Samsung to reveal such story in the next conference of its Note series this September at the IFA.

Dumping the Old Exynos

ZDNet Korea reports that Samsung is probably going to throw away the Exynos Octa-Core Chipset that have been used in certain variants of Galaxy S4. As the rumor suggests, Snapdragon 800 chipset will likely replace the old chip. This chipset was introduced by Qualcomm last January at CES. With seventy-five percent more power than the last model, Qualcomm’s new chip is expected to be incorporated to high-end Smartphones. The chip is said to be powerful enough to record and even playback HD videos. Despite that it has more horsepower, Qualcomm claims that the chip does not consume lots of power. Hence, battery life will never be an issue. Samsung will never need any additional hardware for the use of 4G connection. The bottom line is that Samsung will likely use this new chip. However, there is a speculation that the possible motive for such usage is that Samsung’s production facility for Exynos is not equipped enough to produce chips in mass production or the cost is impractical.

Snapdragon to Be Featured in Samsung Galaxy Note III 2

Snapdragon features

This Snapdragon chipset features a quad core Krait 400 processor. This is powerful enough to support the clock speeds to a maximum of 2.3 GHz. This chipset will have such feature in addition to Bluetooth, GSM, and other modes of connectivity. The chipset was said to have been already used in certain Smartphones such as ZTE Grand Memo V9815, Sony Xperia Honami, Xiaomi Mi3, and LG D801. It is still not sure whether or not Samsung will incorporate this chipset to the upcoming gadget of the Note series.

Galaxy Note III Possible Features

The previous reports regarding Samsung Galaxy Note III suggest that the such Smartphone will still be using the good old Exynos Octa Core Chipset as processor in addition to Mali 450 GPU which has 8 cores. A 3 GB RAM would make this Smartphone ultra powerful. Rumors also suggest that the Smartphone will also feature a powerful 13 MP rear camera with an astonishing 6 inch display. Further reports suggest Galaxy Note III will be running on the latest Android (version 4.3). It is also said that the Touch-Wiz interface will also be incorporated. As of the moment, the audience will have to wait.

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