Start Button Resurrects in Windows 8 Update and Preview Version

Sara Cunningham May 31, 2013 0
Start Button Resurrects in Windows 8 Update and Preview Version

The signature Start Button from Microsoft is going to comeback in Windows 8. This will be resurrected as Microsoft is going to release Windows 8.1, an update to the OS. The update will be free and will be due in the preview version the following month.

The Update

However, the start button will be displayed as a start tip only instead of a full menu which is found in the previous versions starting from Windows 95. This start tip is already found in Windows 8 which has two alternate functions. Left-clicking the start tip brings the users to a tiled Metro Interface .On the other hand, right clicking the same will open a menu with options such as the Device manager, the Event Viewer, and the Disk Management. According to the windows Blog, there will be available options in order to change the functions of the corners. There are also options to boot to any alternate screens. To illustrate, you can decide to go directly to Apps view without having to see the other tiles from the Start screen. The update will just make the start tip appear with the good old Windows logo.

Start Button Resurrects in Windows 8 Update and Preview Version 2

Reason for Update

This update is an answer to the criticism since the launching of Windows 8. The users reported that such version is fragmented and very confusing. Thusly, this started the declining consumer interest. Eventually, this has been claimed to have an effect of the decline of the PC market, together with the rising popularity of tablets. This change to the OS have made the businesses to use the previous versions since it would be time consuming and costly to train the staff for windows 8. Microsoft then announced that there are also other modifications such as an improvement in search. The company added that more updates are to be announced within the following weeks to come.

Conference 2013

The Windows 8.1 is a free update and will be accessible to the public in Windows store. Furthermore, the developers can check out the improvements of this software at the Build Conference in June 26, 2013. This will be a time that the preview version will be released. Lastly, Microsoft said that Windows 8 is a necessary and daring step towards the sales of the PC industry. Windows 8 has served to redefine the PC and it can offer its services by allowing the user to transact and cross to any device, as Microsoft added.

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