YouTube Users Can Now Use Slow Motion Tools for Video Editing

Sara Cunningham May 31, 2013 1
YouTube Users Can Now Use Slow Motion Tools for Video Editing

What’s new on YouTube? Reports say that YouTube has just introduced a slow motion video tool in its YouTube Editor Feature. Either for fun or for learning, the new tool in Youtube’s built-in editor is a great update.

YouTube Users Can Now Use Slow Motion Tools for Video Editing 2

The YouTube Editor and Slow-Mo Tool

YouTube Editor offers a way to edit videos without the need of downloading any software to your computer. It allows the insertion of photos and videos, provide for transition, add audio, and edit image. With simple tools such as these, the videos on YouTube skyrocketed. With the addition of the latest tool, lots of video lovers would likely try this out. They will have fun “slow-mowing” funny videos of their own. If you click the section of the video you want to edit, the enhanced tool will appear which will able you to create enhancements of that section of the video. The dialog box now includes the slow motion tool. It uses a certain process of analyzing frames in order to harmonize the intermediate frames. If you don’t have a high speed camera, then this tool is great for you.

YouTuber’s Response

YouTube already has slow motion videos. However, it was not that popular. The reason is that not everyone can make their own slow motion videos. The Slow Mo Guys’ channel is the most popular channel for this kind of videos. They have two million subscribers and over two hundred million views. With the introduction of the slow motion tool, their very own subscribers and watchers might try making slow motion videos of their own.

At the beginning, lots of Youtubers will definitely try this one out with an incredible surge of slow motion videos. But what lies next? Will the tool maintain its popularity? The guess is probably not. But who cares about that? For now, the fun begins when almost everyone will make their very own slow motion video on YouTube and share it on social networking sites.

Other Tools on YouTube Editor

As of the moment, YouTube has enough enhancement tools for users to enjoy. The autofix tool provides a quick-fix of color and lighting in a jiffy. However, one can always manually adjust the video image using panels of the controls. Furthermore, there are also filters which offer a selection of pre-set colors for added effect. If the video is somewhat shaky, the stabilize tool can provide adjustments. The trim tool is also an indispensable tool in especially in clipping parts of the video. If you are editing a video documentary, the face blurring tool can protect the privacy and anonymity of the persons included in the video. And also, don’t forget the latest addendum.

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