Windows 12-inch RT Tablet Nixed by HTC

Alex Bezeau June 2, 2013 1
Windows 12-inch RT Tablet Nixed by HTC


A year ago HTC has been rumored that it will head its focus towards making a tablet devices which will help them make their breakthrough into the tablet market. It was said that HTC is entering in the game with two tablets. The first version will be with a 12-inch display tablet and the second one will feature a 7-inch display. Some analysts have said that HTC plans to make a direct hit to Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini with the second version.

Bloomberg has made another analysis now and the analysts have reported that if HTC made this step back then it would cost them a lot of money. The low demand for the Windows RT tablets can be a great indicator of how HTC needs to be more careful with its planed devices in future. The 12-inch version of the device will definitely be a disappointment because the customers are slowly heading towards smaller tablet devices, but bigger smartphones. All the energy and innovational ideas need to be heading into making the 7-inch version of the device great and compatible on the market.


The tablet market can be really difficult to deal with, but the predictions and expectations for this market in future are really huge. One research report showed us that the tablets will replace the personal computers by the year of 2017. They are cheaper, easier to use and the most important thing is – you can do everything you used to do on your PC or laptop. As we are heading towards this year the demand for the tablet is rising and reaching high levels.

When it comes to tablets, the current leader is Apple with its iPad versions of the tablet devices. This company was able to maintain its leading place among tablet manufacturers, as the competitors try to confront their new devices directly with the iPads. Amazon also is headed in the right direction with its Kindle Fire versions of the tablets.

It would be nice to see HTC create its version of a tablet device and try to be competitive on the market. I’m expecting to see some great things but the question is with which OS platform the company will decide to go and place it on the device. I’m betting on another Android based tablet device but now coming with the HTC logo on it.

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