Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: U.K. Carrier Gives Us Glimpse of What to Expect

Heidi Speare June 2, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: U.K. Carrier Gives Us Glimpse of What to Expect


This new handset that represents the Mini version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched few days ago. There haven’t been any details which are the official carriers that are going to include the smartphone on their device list or when it will start shipping. For that purpose, an U.K carrier has made a video that shows what this handset can do for you. The man that hosts the video is called Brendan Arndt and he is a device portfolio manager.

This video starts with the first look of the device and oh my god it looks like such a great fit for your hand. In the video, you can see and hear that this device will be easy to carry in your pocket and it’s easier to handle than its bigger brother. And what we didn’t expect and you can also see on the video is that a comparison has been made between the sizes of the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini. The next device that will come out in near future is the Galaxy S4 Mega.

This is just another preview of what we said earlier. It’s a great representative of the big Samsung Galaxy S4 and an awesome opportunity for those users, who are among faithful Samsung fans but don’t like the size of the new device. Now, they can easily change to the smaller version of it. Yes, it’s not exactly the same situation we could find under the hood, but when you begin exploring and testing it you will notice only slight differences. The price is still unknown but few days from now we expect the price to be announced.


With its 4.3-inch display, you will see how small it seems when compared to the other two devices in the video. Inside the device, there is a dual-core processor with clock speed of 1.7GHz and 1.5GB of RAM. The display is using the Super AMOLED technology and the device is equipped with an 8-mpix camera. In the previous report, we’ve mentioned that this disappointed many our team members but we expect to offer high quality pictures. It comes with 8GB of storage capacity plus upgradable MicroSD slot up to 64GB.

At the end, the video will show you all the design slots from up close and to be honest, I like it more than its bigger brother. Maybe I’m just saying this because I prefer smaller sized smartphone more than the bigger ones. Anyways, if you have doubts to buy it when it comes out, watch this video and then make the final decision.

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