Apple’s Tablet and App Store Still Dominate, But Android Is Rising

Sara Cunningham May 31, 2013 1
Apple’s Tablet and App Store Still Dominate, But Android Is Rising

According to the report, the sales report of Apple’s iPad has continued to dominate. It has dominated from revenue generation to its usage. Distimo and Chitika, in recent times, have just released researches, as well as statistics that illustrate how Apple gets a substantial mainstream of revenue generation and tablet usage from their app stores. But, both surveys point out that in both revenue and usage, Apple is losing share to Google. This is not surprising because of the OEMs, which release a number of Smartphone and tablet models with developed features.

Apple’s Tablet and App Store Still Dominate, But Android Is Rising 2

The Tablet Traffic

Chitika adds impressions, from 100,000 users within North America to over 250,000 sites. The most recent data show that Apple’s tablet usage share has levelled off at 80%. It has ten times lead over Kindle Fire from Amazon, and seventeen times lead over Samsung Galaxy tablet. While in March, the usage of iPad was still high at 81.9%, and in April at 81.3%, still it has turned down from 92% on a 5 month time frame. The Galaxy Tablet of Samsung has doubled web traffic, but from a 2.1% low base, it grows up to 4.3%. The share has taken a big jump in December, which has 2.7% and 3.9% in January because of holiday sales. However, it is believed that the increase has pointed out in the past 2 months.

Apple: Getting the Bulk, But Losing the Share

Distimo tracks over 3 billion downloads every three months from the app stores. Authorities tracked the App downloads just a few weeks ago when the overall downloads reached over 50 billion. In 11 days, it leads up to 50 billion. According to the computation, 60 million apps are average figure being downloaded on a daily basis. One of the latest figures in Distimo report is that day by day revenue, starting from 200 apps which were $5.1 million in the App store (Apple) versus the $1.1 million in Google Play (Google). The computation of an average-based on Apple company, app developers received, more or less $0.175 per app.

What Google and Apple Say

Both Google’s and Apple’s app revenue persists to rise, but Apple is losing share to Google. One issue that helps the Apple Company to maintain its high share is through the availability of apps for a longer period of time, in order to start generating the revenue.

Over 5-month timeframe, the Distimo has tracked all the ranked applications in the eighteenth most powerful countries from the Google Play and Apple App Store. The results have shown that while the revenue of Apple has increased, its share has decreased.

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