Cloud Manipulations: Ways to Delete Personal Settings in Windows 8

Sara Cunningham May 31, 2013 0
Cloud Manipulations: Ways to Delete Personal Settings in Windows 8

Many people have come to ask regarding the possibilities of erasing the personal settings of Windows 8 from the cloud. This is very good news for everybody because Microsoft has just announced solutions to your problems. The company has [provided a convenient website, by which the user was capable to remove the personal settings clearly and more rapidly.

Cloud Manipulations Ways to Delete Personal Settings in Window 8 2

The Settings

Windows 8 is able to sync your personal preferences and settings over numerous PCs, on condition that you currently log in to your Microsoft account. This is an expedient feature if you switch two computers, like a desktop and a laptop. If you dislike syncing your settings, you have the authority to disable it by going over to the PC Settings. But, your sync settings remain on the server of the Microsoft. Just like other techie people, you are aware about the wide-ranging incompetence in Windows 8/RT, which is the PC-to-PC settings sync. From the Microsoft account after signing up, we are totally free for syncing a broad modification of settings, including desktop and metro customization, app, browser and password settings and much more.

Ways to Delete Your Personal Settings in Windows 8 From the Cloud:

Step 1

First of all, disable syncing on Windows 8 RT or PC device. Present the Charms bar by making use of the shortcut, which is Windows key + C, or simply swipe from the correct edge on touch of the screens. Then, try to go to Settings, then Change your PC settings and then Sync your settings. Try to move the slider to sync settings on the PC in order to Off.

Step 2

This includes the logging into your Microsoft account, afterwards go to the Windows 8 Personal Settings page. Simply click on the remove button to the deletion request of your sync settings.

Step 3

On the verification or confirmation, just simply click “Yes.” Bear in mind that the removal may not take place right away. It is possible that the information will stay on the cloud servers of Microsoft until the subsequent planned cleaned-up process.

As if you refresh or reset your PC or try to use another PC, and then sign-in on the same Microsoft account, then settings sync to that device.

Words of Caution

Make sure that you are confident and have decided to erase your synced settings before you click the “Remove” button.

It is good to know that Microsoft is taking steps to reach out their customers by providing answers to their questions, in order to solve their problems with better and more convenient solutions.

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