Flash Report Ubuntu Fixed the Bug No. 1 After 9 Years

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Flash Report Ubuntu Fixed the Bug No. 1 After 9 Years

Ever since Ubuntu’s Bug was introduced since August 2004, it attracted comments from different kinds of people worldwide. One commenter named Mark Shuttleworth has declared some issue.

The Launchpad

For more than 8 years since it was printed, the operating system open-source Ubuntu, also called “Bug #1″ has seen as a rallying call. In spite of everything, the bug is described for defined as the Microsoft’s majority market share. However, the entry was formally closed on Thursday, because the broader the market, the healthier the competition.

Flash Report Ubuntu Fixed the Bug No. 1 After 9 Years 1

Based on the Linux, Ubuntu was created when Microsoft has dominated the PC market, until the time when it become difficult to purchase a PC without Windows operating system installed. By difference, Ubuntu’s beliefs were that the work is driven by a principle that software must be accessible and free to all.

The Transformations

Much has transformed in the 9 years since then. Notably, tablets and Smartphones have taken an increase in share of the things, which people did on desktop and laptop computers once. That alteration, together with the strong growth of Apple’s iOS systems and Google’s Android, has meant the Windows to play a less leading role in the computing market in the present times, than it once did in 2004.

According to Shuttleworth, Android is not the only first choice of Linux. However, no doubt that it is an open source platform that presents both economic and practical benefits to industry and users. So we have both rivalry, and good representation of the open source, in personal computing. He added that the approach of Microsoft to Ubunti and some other operating systems, specifically integrating into cloud computing has developed and improved. He pointed out that situations have already changed a lot, as well as the institution has adapted latest innovations. That is why; it is also a time to change.

He stated that the works of Ubuntu and its associates should not have the major goal of replacing Microsoft. His comment regarding the closing of the bug sparked a spell of new comments on the subject. Some people said that, in the first place, there was never a bug. But some people said that, while you compute, the environment had improved. This is to note down that the bug had not been fixed. They also noted the unrelenting occurrence of proprietary software in the market. One commenter named PJO has made a statement that s bug to be fixed and already fixing are different.

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