No Facial Recognition for Google Glass Sans Google

Sara Cunningham June 2, 2013 16
No Facial Recognition for Google Glass Sans Google

After numerous complains headed straight towards this gadget feature, Google has made a decision to not include facial recognition on its Google Glass, at least not for now. Couple of state judges has sent couple of questions on Google’s address and all of them were about the privacy policy. With this decision, Google has answered couple of them and it can rest assured for now.

Google has explained that first the company must make some strong privacy protection rules and then consider couple of options for its headset. This report was posted on the Google+ official blog for this Google Glass device under the name “Project Glass”. In the report, Google addressed all the people who have given thought and reviews about this facial recognition software that was meant to be included on the Google Glass.

“We won’t add facial recognition features to our products without having strong privacy protections in place. With that in mind, we won’t be approving any facial recognition Glassware at this time”

Google has caused a lot of headaches with this product that is still in production after it has been launched few months ago. We are still waiting for the official date when this product will hit the stores. On the presentation, we saw a great headset that is pretty helpful and easy to handle. So, many video ads were showing the “Life through Google Glass” and to be honest, watching them all, I kind of changed my opinion towards these glasses. I mean, controlling your gadget just by saying “Ok Glass” and then giving the instruction is extremely awesome.

sergey brin wearing google glass

But the past couple of months were turbulent for this gadget. There were some coffee shops and restaurants owners that said if a customer walks in wearing these glasses will be politely asked to leave. Than one member of West Virginia House of Delegates has said that he will make a bill that will ban this Google Glass wearable device while driving in the West Virginia area. This bill has a simple explanation that it will distract your attention while driving and it was compared to be dangerous as texting while driving.

Some developers and analysts have said that it can’t cause distractions and this is just another try for making this product look bad. Once I’ve said that first we need to experience this product ourselves than we can make decisions. Until then we are letting you decide whether you will buy it when it comes out or not.


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